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Kennedy Jefferson  University of Rochester ‘22

Little excursion on my way to my new home #college

First baseball season is quickly coming to a close... #number9

So uhhhh.... I guess we graduated? ➡️to see the change
(From newest to oldest)

T-5 days... #seniorsunday

Did you really go to prom if you don’t post a picture...? Pretty sure this one accurately describes us

Home Sweet Home❤️ see ya in 3 months

Only been gone a day...I already miss the sun, sand, and ocean breeze.

Oh the places you’ll go👣✨

Looking off into my world travels... and hopefully taking puppy with me♥️♥️

She brings me things, I bring her places
~ Nashville, IN ~ Cordry Lake ~

My best friend leaves for Honduras tonight and I won't see or talk to her for the next 10 days:( I'm gonna miss you so much, have fun and stay safe

The only good reason for me to visit IU

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