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I Only Look Mexican  If you dont like me, Feel free to fuck off😬 2% milk;98% mermaid 2.5.11😘💍❤ Help kenners get to 550 betches 🙌 -mortuary make-up artist in training😷

Im bot really sure what she's doing... #babysister

#amazingcatstory #thisisfreaky
So Im out in the garage cleaning after my got sick and I realize, hey.. Its pretty cold, and sweeping up cat litter, thinking about finding an outlet to plug the heater in when my cat, bearbear, starts going crazy! She meowed twice in front of me to get my attention and when I finally gave up and looked at her she walked over to an old rug, jumped on it, and looked left.. There's an outlet! Then she got off the rug, and jumped on this box and just stared at me practically telling me, "make me a box house, bitch." She's got her heater and box full of blankets and her red pillow out there now! She amazes me sometimes(: #crazycatlady #catladyproblems #catmindreader #imweird

Today was "okay" but.. I think I wanna restart my instagram and make it all about my adventures putting make-up on the deceased! We'll see... #thinking

Aww.. I suck at drawing... I NEED TO SEE #safehaven with juliann hough. She's perf 👌

#overtheshoulder yeah, I have no idea what Im doing but I'm loving those #fakebitches 😘 cant get enough

#mortuaryscience #embalm #keepcalm
I'm directing my first funeral this summer

HARDEST GAME EVER! #breadkittens

My eyes look brighter than usual(: #eyes #green

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