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Kenji Suzuki 

Surprisingly Bruce Willis appeared from the elevator.

「Hi, new words! I'm glad to meet you.」
「Are you serious ? We met yesterday .」

When I was a child I was crazy about SLAM DUNK. I wanna read it again after a long absence.

#after 10 days

I went to look for Wild koalas.
Can you find it ?


He is in my parents' house.
His wet eyes always attract me.
Sooooooo cute.Right?

Have already autumn changed into winter?

For the first time I ate Shake Shack burger in Washington. I can never forget that impression. So I really want to go to Gaien branch someday.

I cannot help shedding tears.

I learned the meaning of the new word "beverage".

5th December - My wife's birthday
Although winter is just around the corner, it is fine day like spring.

Last month my friend got married☆
Congratulations!! Happy ever after✨

I wanna go to Melbourne again.

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