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Kendyl Stewart ◡̈  just getting funky at PSU, hi,

Usually it's Logan kissing his other cheek idk happy state pattys y'all

Happy birthday to the best roomie in the game!!! Here's to facebook bringing lifelong friends together, carpets full of hair balls, yelling "quiet hours" on the 5th floor, Richard Roland (! Boy bye), buttery flakey crusts, uber, the white building, Netflix & snax, saying things in weird voices, need I go on? I love you so so much. You deserve endless amounts of pickles/cheese its/lucky charms marshmallows/ E! Network. You have to stay with me forever because we both know I couldn't survive without you. Our fridge would mold and I would always be locked out of the room. U gotta stay with me forever

on Thursday last week I got my first tattoo in my own handwriting: "go. serve. love." Something I've always tried to live by. On my foot because I like to 'go' :) 👣 I love to love. I aspire to serve. I am blessed with my freedom.
Galatians 5:13-14 ...
sorry big Dave!

Over $10 million raised. Absolutely worth it for the worst morning ever rn 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤗💙💎


5am: found some old round friends that matched my outfit

MY GQ model my..................................... ❤️💜VALENTINE💜❤️ I would walk through fįrė for you but maybe not real fire bc that's dangerous. But like a super humid room. But not too humid because my hair

Happy birthday to someone I miss so stinkin' much. looking through our pics made my heart smile and wow you're amazing and beautiful and I think that light beam is there because you are

tuesday blues, wishin i had my head in a balloon how bout you

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLFRAN I hope you have a wonderful day and I see you at State soon :) love you twinny

today, we are celebrating TWO YEARS of togetherness !!!!!!! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ here's a mediocre pic we just took #feb3 #iputupwithyou #youputupwithme #itworks #weloveeachother #partymix #relationships #twoyearsofawesome

Prim and proper for a false alarm of going out just to end up coming home to watch movies instead #pinkiesup