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Devastated by the treatment of Black and Brown and Native children in this country. I’m talking about State violence, from police violence, to the history of forced assimilation, to the zero tolerance policy currently being enforced by 45 admin and Jeff Sessions aka #JeffCrow #repost @yarashahidi “ We are members of an international community of people of Color, we must see our struggles as connected within that light” - Audre Lorde, Apartheid USA ————————-
The inundation of human rights violations perpetrated by our government through the enforcement of policies okay- Ing the detaining and separation of children from their parents AND the gun violence and murder of my brothers and sisters at the hands of the police must not desensitize us, but motivate a global fight to disarm reconstruction era discrimination and demand the creation a whole new system all together” #AntwonRose #BlackLivesMatter #EndFamilySeparation #ImmigrationReform #TheNewJimCrow ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽

THIS Executive order is bullshit. #repost @seekellymccreary “Please read the entirety of the following message. There is still work to do. Donate if you can, but we all must keep raising our voices. #Repost @glennondoyle
Here’s what the executive order does and doesn’t do: The executive order stops the new bleeding. But it does not address the blood on their hands.
The president has just signed an executive order reversing his own policy of mass family separation at the border.
This executive order was signed because OF YOU. This administration took a bet that America had no more unifying non-negotiables – that there was nothing we wouldn’t tolerate – that we wouldn’t care enough to keep fighting. They lost that bet. We cared enough. When it came to the babies we, the people, came together and said: NOT THIS.
We need to take a moment to acknowledge your victory.
Okay that moment is over. Because this remains a national crisis and atrocity.
This order does not change the President’s zero-tolerance regime. Every unauthorized border crossing (even those who may be seeking asylum legally) will continue to be treated as a federal crime. Families may be detained by (in for-profit facilities) indefinitely while the adults face federal prosecution.
IT DOES NOTHING WITH RESPECT TO THE THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN ALREADY FORCIBLY REMOVED FROM THEIR FAMILIES through this barbaric policy. NOTHING ABOUT THEM. We have learned today that children have been flown all over the country – hundreds of miles from their parents, and authorities have said there is a high probability that many will never be reunited. We learned today that several of the FOR-PROFIT companies that house unaccompanied children have histories of sexual misconduct and other abuse.
We will not forget about these thousands of terrified children. We will reunify these families.
Every boots on the ground organization with which are in daily contact tells us this: These babies need advocates to help get them reunified with their families. We are going to keep HELPING THE HELPERS.”

{SWIPE LEFT} Speaking of #Juneteenth (see previous post) - Coming to Houston this week y’all! Hosting a charity event for mentorship for young men of color in Houston. Come out and support! 🙏🏽✊🏽 **********************************
from @chauncyglover “You’ve seen him on #ABC’s “How to Get Away with Murder.” Now you can catch Houston’s own @kendrick38 #kendricksampson hosting this year’s #CGP #blacktiegala as he hits the @hobbycenterhouston stage with our gents!! You DON’T want to miss this performance! (TICKET INFO IN BIO) #houston #downtownhouston #community #thechauncygloverprojecthouston #mentoring #mentoringmatters #abc13 #howtogetawaywithmurder #lovemycommunity #cgpgents #blackboymagic👑”

{SWIPE} Can’t tell y’all how happy it makes me that @kenyab_in_imax3d & @pharrell are making a #Juneteenth musical. Me & my friends celebrated in and around #Houston because Juneteenth (if you don’t know) was the day that the last slaves were freed June 19th 1865 in Galveston Island (super close to Houston) almost three years after the US government claimed to have freed slaves with the Emancipation Proclamation!! Now obviously, we know today that this was just the start of a new phase of slavery (Jim Crow and mass incarceration - now including immigration detention) but we celebrate the ending of that chapter. July 4th is only the celebration of independence for a few people. #Juneteenth is my Fourth of July. Eventually, I would love to see a Juneteenth recognized as the new Independence Day and have a new national anthem that wasn’t written by a slave owner and all around awful human being (with the second stanza glorifying the killing of slaves) and an end to modern day slavery in #massincarceration #policebrutality & persecution of black & Brown immigrants #EndFamilySeperation . For now, I say, Happy #Juneteenth and celebrate and give a huge Hell Yeah to @kenyab_in_imax3d & @pharrell for bringing more light & love. ✊🏽

Love this young man. A large part of the motivation behind a lot of my activism. My nephew Jayden. 🖤 I’m going to ignore the fact that he’s growing up. He’s permanently 2 years old in my head. (P.S. go look at my last post and share, make your own, join the fight.)

Our government is separating parents from their children at our borders. Children as young as 4 months old have been taken. Thousands of children including infants are being held in prison like facilities. This is cruel and inhumane and flat out WRONG. Please call your senators at 202-224-3121 immediately and demand they they end family separation. #EndFamilySeparation #FamiliesBelongTogether (learn more about the lawsuit from @aclu_nationwide)

This boy just gets smarter and smarter. He’s about to take over the world. (cc: @mrcedricsanders & @laurynwhitney)

Thank you @realjohngray 🙏🏽🖤 And I’d like to add those considering suicide in prison, or those wrongfully convicted like Kalief Browder or the Honduran father, Marco Antonio Muñoz who had endured so much that (because of Jeff Sessions zero tolerance policy) after border patrol ripped his child away from him for crossing the border, killed himself after having a mental breakdown. And Jeff Sessions and others who support this administration want to use the BIBLE to justify their lack of empathy and their championing of cruelty and dehumanization. You’ll have to answer one way or the other for your twisting of God’s Word for cruelty. I’ve had a buddy commit suicide and a few others attempt to end their lives. It’s hard to talk about for everyone but please talk to someone before it comes to that. Praying for all of those dealing with thoughts of suicide. Talk to someone. Counseling is important for all of us. We have to work to de-stigmatize and decriminalize mental illness. Times are rough right now. 1-800-273-8255 is the suicide prevention hotline. Praying. 🙏🏽 Breathe. Eat. Shit. Sleep. That’s what I often have to tell myself. 🤷🏽‍♂️

#repost @reformlajails “This is not a partisan issue, this is something everybody can agree with” @kendrick38 explains the necessity of creating accountability between the Sheriff's Department and the public, “People want to know what happened to their loved ones... this will give them that power” #ReformLAJails

#repost @mattmcgorry “Mayor Garcetti of Los Angeles is full of shit. If you live in LA, are you pissed off about the crisis of the unhoused population that has SKYROCKETED under @mayorofla ? Then I hope your anger is well-placed on Garcetti and his fake-progressivism and not the unhoused populations that are victim to these inhumane policies.
Repost from @nolympicsla - “We asked @mayorofla about citations and arrests for unhoused folks on @kpcc with @amartinezla. “The Truth About Criminalization and Homelessness in Garcetti’s LA” is on our blog now (link in bio with full video). #HouseKeysNotHandcuffs #StopTheSweeps @losangelesdsa
“...LA’s occasional Mayor, Eric Garcetti, stood before the media to proclaim once again that the city has moved away from criminalization, stating:
“We cannot criminalize our way out of homelessness, we must humanize our way out of it.” Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson added: “The number of people incarcerated for homeless related violations is practically zero.” Of course, the facts tell us otherwise, and our everyday experiences witnessing the growth of encampments have confirmed it all over the city. Arrests of unhoused Angelenos continue to rise, with most offenses based on laws created specifically to target and criminalize those living in extreme poverty. Dehumanizing police and sanitation sweeps of homeless encampments continue to endanger the physical and mental health of the unhoused by discarding and destroying their vital belongings. This is nothing new; the commodification of basic human needs like housing has led to the crises we’re now mired in, as public resources have instead been diverted to law enforcement to terrorize, criminalize, incarcerate, and disappear the unhoused in the name of “public safety.””

Allie the Ally. #mindyourbusiness 😂

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