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Wow disappeared for a while but I’m back with some more Cuba pics for your feeds ✌🏻

You know those people you meet who’s souls are just like a hug? Welcoming and warm and kind? That’s Frank. Thanks for being a wonderful subject 📷

Every umbrella wants to live in a perpetually rainy world

Have you ever been this fabulous? Yea, me either.
Styled by the incredible @mollychoma

El sol ☀️

Have you ever been in the shower with two beautiful men? Highly recommend.

The teeniest little kitty that you ever did see 🙈

I walk into my 27th year not quite knowing if I am heroically lost or heroically found. But I have a feeling I’ll have an answer to that soon.

I am obsessed with this particular piece of street art on the Cuban Malecón. I took photos literally every time we passed.

Tattoo shop vibes like this only come from Cuba 😍
The very special La Marca tattoo shop.

How stinkin’ cute is Caroline?

You’ll find that everyone wants to talk to you in Cuba. Right after I took this photo, a women stopped to tell us a story of the building we were standing with our backs to. It was once a hostel that was being reused by the government for citizens whose homes had become unrepairable.

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