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The caddy went 2200+ miles in 7 days and made it all the way home from power tour. The all original drivetrain is stout and proved itself to be reliable. We had a great time at all the events and met some cool people. Hopefully we’ll see power tour again next year! #hotrodpowertour2018 #thecaddyisgoinplaces #driveit #laidback #ineverhadanydoubts😅

Stopped at the old Rockingham speedway on our way to Raleigh NC, got some pics and had a little fun. #donutsatrockingham #hotrodpowertour2018

Today was the toughest drive yet with taking all day to get their having issues with a couple cars but we made it, got some good pictures and had a little fun!
#hotrodpowertour2018 #darlingtonraceway #inthepits #whosgotdeoderant

Atlanta motor speedway was a blast along with the drive their! Took 6 hours to go 200 miles but these backroads are worth it. Took a couple laps around the oval at the speedway and did a little autocross! #murderedcoansndidsomelaps #ringaroundtherosie #hotrodpowertour2018
#driveit #sweaturnutsoff

Couple afterparty smoke shows from the hoover stadium last night. #smokemifyagotem #cumminsratrod #turbskiefirebird #hotrodpowertour2018

It took 6 hours to go a few hundred miles on day 3 of #hotrodpowertour but it was a good drive and a good show. 😎

We’re having a blast on power tour in case you we’re wondering 😅 The old cadillac is a trooper from trips down the drag strip and runs on the autocross course. #Amsoil z-rod keeps it ticking and the gas mileage is sub par 😂. Sitting in this hot weather stuck in traffic jams is all these cars worst enemy but its truckin along. Helping people on the side of the road, sweatin your balls off and drinkin beer till midnight in the hotel parking lot with 10 strangers sharing endless stories, this is what everyone needs to experience. This is just a few cars out of the 10,000 on the tour but theres not enough posts to show all the cool custom amd restored hot rods on this trip.
#hotrodpowertour2018 #millerracing62 #cadillacsofpowertour #howmanygasstops?
#lookinandfeelingood #longhaulorbust

Were on our way to the first destination in bowling green kentucky for #hotrodpowertour2018!

Cant wait to take this boat on #hotrodpowertour2018 comin up real soon! Its a 7 hour drive to start the tour in bowling green, kentucky. 1200 miles on the tour ending at the zmax dragway in charlotte and an even longer drive home. Over 2100 miles to be exact! I hope the big cadillac makes it there and back, It’ll be a vacation to remember!#cadillacsofpowertour #drivemifyagotem #millerracing62

The cadillac has been my daily for a bit over a week now and rain or shine, even with just a/m radio, and allmost 2000 miles on the clock since we’ve finished getting it to driver quality this thing is just hard not to love 🤟#lookinandfeelingood #crudillac #rustybuttrusty #floatlikeacaddy #youfancyhuh?

It took alot longer than we wanted, as it does with big projects but we got the new #blueprintengines 383 stroker fired up today and the chevelle is goooood. 😎 we took it out for its first drive in 4 years! And had no major issues 🤟 We have some buttoning up to do with wiring and carb tuning, then its put some miles on it and it goes back to its owner 😁#383strokersareagoodtime #roachinbroadies #churpingearslookinforchickies #largeandincharge #viagrapillwithanSSbadge

When your damn near ready to get the damn car fired up and ya cant cuz if you look real close danny dents alot on the assembly line where ya bought it from put the dent in the wrong spot on the header pipe for the spark plug to fit on the new engine #hemustworkout #summitracingheaders #isawthisinamovieonce #suckeriiiiissaweeet

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