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Kenan Hill  📱 Usually talking about food or flowers 💐 Co-founder @chivalryflowers ✈️ ATL, but always planning our next trip 👇🏼 Blog + portfolio

Happy Earth Day from my tiny slice of the planet! I’m so grateful that I get to steward this little yard of mine (all the plants pictured are from it!). Watching things grow is truly an everyday kind of miracle. 🌸 #kenangrowsthings #earthday

I’m so incredibly sad to hear about the fire blazing at Notre-Dame right now. It’s such a special, sacred place, and it has been for hundreds of years (blows my mind!). I was honestly bummed that all the scaffolding was ruining my photos when we were there a few weeks ago, but I’m so grateful we got to spend some time in its majestic spaces again. 💔

Fresh squeezed OJ for brunch + watching the Masters. 🍊⛳️

Today was such a gorgeous day at @3porchfarm for their annual spring plant sale with my pal @ruthiewbutler! Mandy and Steve have worked so hard to create a sustainable, beautiful place, and it’s a privilege to be one tiny part of their community. I can’t wait to add all my new plants to the Hill House garden!!

Got home to the perfect al fresco dining weather! 🙌🏼 So happy to have our master porch back in action, even if it’s coated in pollen. And obviously I’m thrilled to see the garden coming alive again. #kenanhillhome #kenangrowsthings

Details from our Parisian picnic by the Eiffel Tower✨ Cheese from @laurentdubois_fromager_paris: a 30 month comté (think French gruyere) and a ripened brebis (made from sheep’s milk). Mini quiches from @desgateauxetdupain and a chocolate tart from @maisonmulot. Brioche from a random stand. Bubbles from @besseratdebellefon paired with a broken champagne flute. And a black scarf laid on a park bench to cover up the bird poop 😂

I usually love celebrating my birthday close to the actual day, but late January isn’t the most ideal time to travel. I’m so glad we decided to delay my 30th birthday trip to late March. We were SO lucky with amazing weather, and I absolutely loved seeing the cities in bloom. Nick was very gracious about all of the “oh my gosh, LOOK AT THAT TREE” exclamations. Here are a few shots of London’s spring blooms—magnolias, cherry trees, and daffodils.
#thehillstravel #prettycitylondon

I’ve been on the hunt for inspiration at all the floral shops in Paris + London, and I really loved this little outdoor cutie in Notting Hill! @nikkitibbleswildatheart

A few French things 💕 A little bouquet of pink garden roses for our room (I love that the florist adds a little lady bug to each arrangement!). Salted butter caramels from Henri Le Roux. Antique rose dry body oil from @officine_universelle_buly—they personalize each purchase with gorgeous calligraphy!

Today we gathered up bread, cheese, and pastries for what was supposed to be a sunset picnic at the Eiffel Tower that turned out to be a cloudy fade into darkness picnic. The bottom of the champagne glass also broke off somewhere along the journey. 😳 Not exactly to plan, but hey, we’re still eating and drinking delicious things in Paris, right?! #thehillstravel

We’ve seen a lot of great art in Paris, but seeing part of Monet’s Water Lilies collection (or Nymphéas in French) is definitely a highlight. These massive murals are so evocative and subtle at the same time, and the scale is pretty incredible. France built these naturally lit, oval rooms in the @museeorangerie to house them in the 1920s. Truly a must visit in Paris!

We had an incredible, leisurely lunch at @lemeuriceparis today. The food was executed flawlessly, the service was nothing short of a perfectly choreographed dance, and the setting was beyond beautiful. Swipe for all the courses—goat cheese puff amuse bouche; house made bread with Breton butter; pink salt steamed vegetables; lobster, avocado, and citrus; veal with sea potatoes & broccoli; dashi broth digestif; cheese course; lime palate cleanser; study of chocolate. #thehillstravel

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