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  Oh my heck guess what!!!!!!! ......nvm I forgot

Even though they call me monkey face and butt head and beat me up on the daily.......i still love them. Thankful for cousinly love.

PSA: one month from sunday until school starts.....soak in the freedom.


Took a 24 hour Bear Lake trip with some of my fav girls :)))

I miss messing around in random laundromats with my buds. 🀘🏽

Even Gordon Hayward leaving the Jazz couldn't ruin my FAVORITE holiday with my FAVORITE people.


insta overload but POST VACATION DEPRESSION IS A REAL ISSUE. (ps nyc in the pouring rain is actually fun)

Another one for my people cuz a family pic was a must. Waking up this morning and not being in some random hotel in some random place with these guys WAS WEIRD AND NOT OKAY. No words can describe how much I love these kids. (Even though they are not kids, very much adults ;) ) I LOVE YOU GUYS.

Niagara Falls lookin like smurfs.

"What are you talking about of course we aren't tourists"

If this picture was taken in September we'd be on opposite sides of time square running away from each other :))) #boyssuck

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