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Ken Carvalho Sr  1/2 White, 1/2 Hawaiian, married to a Latina, we made awesome kids !!!

Well, I did a quick buff, and I should have been wearing my work shirt because my boss @russfreund is thee guy instructing and teaching me how to do all this painting/bodywork stuff, but in light of this being mine & Bella's buggy, the reflection showing her BFF'S name within all that flake is just as good. Very happy with the results so far.

My next tattoo is going to be a sheet of 2000 grit wet/dry!!

The Flow Coat turned out pretty good. Still some minor dust specks and 2 tiny bugs landed in it, so I'll do a light cut to 2000, and buff her out. Then mount it to the pan and start on the top side, the side you'll actually see. The twinkle of the flake under the fluorescent lights is pretty impressive, can't wait to see it in the sun.

Just "throwing it out there", all those tv shows that are restoring/fixing up cars for the owners.... Here's a perfect candidate, Bella's '30 Model A sedan, it's hers and she wants a Traditional HotRod, she a strong young Cancer survivor and you can see she's willing to put in work too. Just in case a show is looking "hint,hint,hint"! Ps: I was prompted to do this, & not by her, so I figured what the hell!!!

Laying down the final coat of clear. Using the @painthuffermetalflake flake suspended in the @tamcopaint clear. She's a very happy little 11 y/o and we're getting closer to finishing her Buggy.

Trying to do my best @vintagecolorstudio and @snaxpack5000 reflection in the clear imitation. If you squint and look real hard that's my toolbox reflection off the gun. Some 2000 grit and compound and it will hopefully look better. Unfortunately, unlike them, I have no idea what I'm doing!!!

What a flake... used .004 gold, .004 orange, and .008 orange.

I would like to thank Darren, the NAPA paint rep at the shop I work at for donating a gallon of metalic orange, @tamcopaint for the intercoat, Clearcoat, and the reducers & hardners, that she donated and @painthuffermetalflake for all the jars of flake they donated, and Jon @metalinnovationsandartistry for all the advice and getting me the clears and flakes for Bella's DuneBuggy.

Bella put in a great effort and layed down the whole first coat, she had to go lay down, so I'm done with coat 3 now. Next is FLAKE........ Stay tuned for it.

Cleaning, tacking, practice/setup, and spray.

She felt well enough to lay some color on her Buggy with me.

Sanding on the bottom side is officially done. Since Bella went to the fair, and she did good and had fun, I pushed to finish her Buggy into 600 grit. Now at 3:56am it's ready for paint. I scrubbed the shop floor, cleaned my two Binks guns again, wax/degreased the Buggy, and a wipe down with glass cleaner. Set up the box fans with filters, and later today I'll wipe it down again, tack it down, and spray........ so much shit running thru my mind over her situation I just can't sleep.

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