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Ken Carvalho Sr  1/2 White, 1/2 Hawaiian, married to a Latina, we made awesome kids !!!

Golden opportunity here L.A. people.... Pertronix/Dougs Headers @pertronix @dougsheaders is hiring a header R&D guy. This is a great company and you'd be working for a great guy/fellow "car guy" Don Lindfors. I used to work there at this position and ONLY left because of medical issues, and I'm still dealing with complications from my surgery, otherwise I'd still be there. Locally owned and the owner takes care of his people. If your loyal, and a decent fabricator email Don and apply.

Here's the next silly thing. I want a 9" soft/firm white donut wheel in the DuneBuggy. They don't make them new, and the 8" used ones are crazy money, so... I took my 9" black foam one, cleaned it with acetone to really open up the pores, and thined out some resin so it really soaks into the foam. First coat hardens but stays flexible because it's "in the foam" sand lightly, put on a second coat of thined resin, wet sand smooth and paint with Vinyl paint so it won't crack. Still says flexible like hard rubber. It works, this will be the second wheel I've done this way.

I'm pretty sure there's a reason no DuneBuggy builders ever 'glass and bondo the body sides.....probably just smarter than me!!. They usually just put sidepods or a sheet of steel or aluminum on them.

This DuneBuggy would have been done a year ago if I didn't keep fucking around with little shit no one will ever notice. The waviness of the lower sides bug the hell out of me, so I'm grinding, re-'glassing and smoothing out the lower 6" of it.

Jumpin' on the bandwagon like everything else "Straight Otta Compton" these days, I had our friends @lauraboisseranc and @deluxjohn make me a "Straight Outta Chemo" shirt for Bella. I hope Dre, Cube, Yella, & D.O.C. don't mind.

@liarforhire I got it working and "mounted" in place in the DuneBuggy. This is a Matrix model, has front AND rear speaker wires with a 5th pair of wires for "matrix" or 1970's surround sound. Even found an Eagles tape for @underheadvalve .

Just like in the HotRod world, there are so many nice people in the DuneBuggy world. I went on FB asking around if anyone had some used parts or a VW /parts bug for sale locally, and to our surprise someone sent Bella a BRAND NEW gas tank for her DuneBuggy. So damn nice!!!!

She's learning to sling some mud on the DuneBuggy.

Damn it Davida, we used to pick out HotWheels together... now the FIRST place she runs to is the FloppyHat dept. @aeonflux1

"Someone" has made herself VERY comfortable in her surroundings while she's drawing and writing in her journal. I told her to get out of there, her response was "but Piero said I could be in his office!!!!" @mad_fabricators I guess Piero trumped daddy this time!

So innocent and all smiles hanging out at the L.A. Roadster Show. All she cares about is sunshine, palmtrees, & HotRods..... and a hat that matches one of her besties @aeonflux1

Made it. Car overheated twice but we were able to cool it down and made it here safely. Good to see all my L.A. friends.

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