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Phala Kem Kamogelo  Mr six figures📸 RoseGold life💦🙏🏿.

All about my biz cause I don't wana starve mommy,I just want a life of abundance mommy,I want to inspire the next generation mommy 😤😤

I told my niggers when I see that hundred mill 💰it's going down👇
You decide what you in it for,you decide who you do it for-decide!!

Just need me a billion💰 then I will be aight,plotting my way up🙋‍♂️
Common sense will tell you "it's impossible"...but faith will tell you "it's possible"🙏🏿

I don't take naps
Me and the money are way too attached to go and do that😤💰


Chasing greatness-fearless🙏🏿

Building up my library 📚 💪🙏🏿
Self-taught,knowledge is everything

Worry about your own business if you wanna get your dollars up 💰

Man I miss myself!!i just need to step back and kiss myself😋

Lions 🦁 don't lose sleep over the opinion of sheep 🐑

I'm just a black spade spawn out the nebula
And everything I do or say today that's worthwhile
Will for sure inspire action in your first child🙏🏿

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