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Marlo 🎈  Now I live and I breathe for an audience of one. John 21:18 📍Mijas, Spain

Imagine a girl who didn’t know the weight of her own voice. Who didn’t trust the steps she took. Who felt like everyone wanted something from her and she had nothing to give. Who fed off compliments and comparison. Who could only see from the worlds perspective. A girl who didn’t know her own reflection.
Now Imagine a woman who has a new heart beat. She’s silly putty changing with each new season. Teachable & hungry. She’s a fierce and steady flame. A lean in kind of fire on a cold day. She is joyful and reminds you of home. Her table screams pull up a chair, pour a glass of wine, & stay awhile. Her heart is open. She sees out of a new lens & through His reality. The colors that radiate off her spirit do not yet exist. She sees others and sees the goodness within them. A breaker of chains. She seeks to see people walk in the fullness of freedom. Powerful and worthy. Sometimes she gets lost but in her heart she knows the treasure she holds. That is her truth. She is a transformation that can only be explained through Jesus Christ. Now she lives and breaths for an audience of one. 📷: @rebeckyjack

My babe. I’m proud to call you a sister Elizabeth. You are a treasure and one hev of a friend.

I need everyone to know that the week of October 29th 2018 was the best week of my life. I’m talking battles fought & victories won. Heaven manifesting on earth. Prophetic songs. Angels dancing. Kingdom brought. Then Jesus gifted us with dolphins galore. The Lord reigns man, the Lord freaking reigns. Beautiful memories.

We woke up screaming hell no and brought it to the classroom. We looked ourself in the eyes until our reality matched our Fathers. We danced. We kicked. We screamed. We cried. We laughed.
I scream for myself. I scream for my children. I scream for the generations to come. I scream because I don’t want them standing in front of that mirror looking back at a false reflection. Trying to open something that was never meant to be closed. Keep your heart open. Speak the truth. Rejoice because your true identity is in Christ alone.

Unlearning how to swim. Sinking deeper. Falling more in love with the Trinity & myself. #g42life


Forever #Room2Babes

In awe.

Ask me what Casa Batlló was like and I’ll tell you I felt like Alice and Wonderland in the belly of a whale. 📷: @rebeckyjack

Y’all need to know I never stop laughing when Becky’s around. Never. Went back to camp this semester to prepare it for future kiddos. Had class outside and hiked a few mountains. Also I fought off bees and picked grapes off a vine all week 🍇

Many of the happiest and most peaceful people I know love “a crucified God” who walks with crucified people, and thus reveals and redeems their plight as God’s own. For them, Jesus is not observing human suffering from a distance; he is somehow at the center of human suffering, with us and for us. He includes our suffering in the co-redemption of the world, as “all creation groans in one great act of giving birth” (Romans 8:22). Is this possible? Could it be true that we “make up in our own bodies all that still has to be undergone for the sake of the Whole Body” (Colossians 1:24)? Are we somehow partners with the Divine? At our best, we surely must be. But our rational minds will never fully surrender to this mystery until our minds are led by our soul and our spirit. -Richard Rohr #g42life

I think about the people in front of me now, how much they have impacted me. Soon I’ll be sharing stories with new friends but they will never really know. I can look back on different stages of my life and the people who surrounded me. Colorado, World Race, summer camps, San Antonio, Spain, home, etc. I’m so thankful for every relationship. Conversations. Depth. Tears. Revelations. Laughter. Hardships. I cherish it all. You have made me feel known. I wish I could fit all my people in my pocket so everyone could know how beautiful you are. Through it all Jesus has been there I see him in all of you. He’s provided my people. So I celebrate the memories I hold close and the new ones to come. Seasons. Relationships. Experiences. They all serve a purpose. My people I love you. #room2babes

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