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K E L S I E  you do you✌🏼 Artist | Songstress | Explorer | Creatress Owner of @shopvirgodarling kelsie.fields@gmail.com


As most of you know, I’m extremely particular and mindful of the products I use and consume. This natural skincare line is MAGIC on your skin(and I’m a little obsessed with the packaging too☺️)
I’ve had extremely sensitive skin for years, and @averraglow’s kit has been working wonders for me and makes me truly feel beautiful in my own skin without makeup. Which we should all feel! I posted about this on my story and I had many people asking about the products, so I reached out to @averraglow and they gave me a 10% promo code (kelsie) in case any of you want to use it! Have a beautiful Sunday, babes. ✨

The cottage is ready for winter! Nothing like making your nest cozy and inviting. ✨ #kelsiescottage

“They left for a reason, so don’t look back and feel heart break. The past doesn’t have mercy on the future and sometimes the future isn’t shaped by the past. You design your own destiny and you should never build a home out of those who broke you. “

Weekly ritual in this sanctuary of mine. Nature is where I am home, where I am free. Soaking in all of its healing waters during this intense and transitional period🙏🏼

Stunning statement earrings and necklaces made by yours truly, coming soon to @shopvirgodarling! 😍 it’s been a long time coming, but I can’t wait to finally release the art I’ve always been so passionate about making for you beauties to wear!
Photo by the amazing @basementfox

Of course I’ve developed a quick obsession with bikes right when the cold weather hits. Looking forward to getting my own someday. 🙌🏼 @rawhidecycles
Shot by @basementfox

One month ago tonight, a phone call had my heart racing faster than ever as I stood in silence. It shortly ended with a goodbye and falling to the floor with nothing left to give. Only seconds later, two incredible women were by my side embracing me, allowing a safe space for my tears to land. Nothing felt real. Everything felt wrong. But I was lifted by the hands of my sisters, and their warm and vibrant hearts have continued to hold mine as I’ve walked through hell, which we call the grieving/healing process. We’re all fighting our own battles, and heartache is never something we want to endure... but know today and every day that YOU ARE ENOUGH. Whatever you are facing, you will get through. You are bright and radiant beings and you are meant for such beautiful and great heights. This world is a brighter one because of you. Be patient and kind with yourself, love yourself, adore yourself. Once you’re there, it will surely spill over into the lives of those who matter most and deserve every bit of your magic.

// R I S E //
We cannot truly grasp the magnitude of our light until we are shown the depths of darkness.

I was walking down a dirt road at sunset last night and felt as though someone was watching me.
I looked over to see the most beautiful tiny creature sitting in a field, breathing heavily - its heart pounding, but no apparent wounds. I was drawn to it.
I gently pet it and finally picked it up. It seemed comforted. Its heart race slowed, and it ended up dying in my hands. When I realized that, I had such an intense feeling that I can’t put into words. I was so captivated by its beauty. It was such a magical thing, and I wanted so badly for it to breathe again... But that’s just it, even the most beautiful things come to an end that we can no longer hold onto. Even some of the most magical things weren’t meant to last forever. Even if we will never understand why.
I gave this bird all of my love and set it free
Along with my restless beating heart.
Mama Nature teaching her lessons when I need them most.

minute. by . minute
piece. by . piece

Captured a sliver of the magic from this special day today with my beautiful sister @sacredlyearthside. So incredibly grateful for moments like these surrounded by such inspiring and uplifting beings, amidst all of the chaos. Learning to love and honor myself each and every day. ♥️🙏🏼 Oh, and we should all just be mermaids.

Love is all you need.
@karenephoto 📷

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