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Kelsie  Artist | Songstress | Creative soul Owner of @shopvirgodarling

Gentle ⋄ respectful ⋄ compassionate ⋄ empathetic ⋄ selfless ⋄ nurturing ⋄ LOVING ⋄
Touch my soul the way that I touch the earth, and my heart is yours.

This girl is such a gem! Always wishing I could keep you with me forever, Megs! Cheers to the friends who light up your life and bring out the best in you. ♡ Extra thankful for this one.

Oh, this magical land. Feeling pure joy running wild and free. Not pictured behind @pjmoranski is the stunning cliff and crashing waves as the sun rose. Oh, take me back.

E A S T E R S A L E ♡ 🐰Hop on over to @shopvirgodarling to get my favorite pants EVER along with everything for 20% OFF with code DARLING20. Today is the last day, babes! Happy Easter!

When searching for the best kind of comfort, let Mother Nature embrace you. 🙏🏼

Allow a S A F E S P A C E ♡
"Encourage her to be as free as the ocean, as deep as the ocean, as wild as the ocean and as powerful as the ocean. Be so full in your loving, so strong and stable in your presence, that she can just let go and surrender the limits she has put on her feelings. Let the emotions of her heart flow unguarded. Let her love be expressed with no limits. Let her go mad with love."

Could I just wake up to this every morning, please? 🙌🏼

Happy National Siblings Day to this radiant woman. No one I'd rather dance around with on the edge of a canyon at sunset. Or any of the other wild and beautiful things we get ourselves into. ✌🏼@sacredlyearthside

Edge of a cliff car camping with T H I S view. 🙌🏼 Waking up to my sister making me delicious coffee after a night of a beautiful celebration we had here for her birthday. As you all have heard a million times, I am so thankful for this bright light in my life. Cheers to you, sisteroo. Oh, and happy #nationalsiblingsday too! 💕

The most magical day with my goddess of a sister on the eve of her birthday. Dancing in the red sand through the stunning red rocks of Moab. We hiked up into this incredible little cave-like space without a soul in sight and allowed our spirits to be completely free. ♥️ Happy birthday, sweet sister. @sacredlyearthside

Spent yesterday at my favorite hot springs in amazing company, and now I'm en route to Moab with my beautiful Aries sister @sacredlyearthside for her birthday! Tapping into the powerful and higher energies of Mother Nature with the ones I love lately has been such a beautiful time of growth. 🙏🏼 Have a beautiful weekend, friends!

M O A B suggestions?
Beyond ready to journey back to the desert with my sweet Aries sister @sacredlyearthside for her birthday this weekend! If any of you have any advice for Moab, please let us know! Photo by my babe @opalmilk on our adventure last spring. ✨

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