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Kelsey Silva  a lot of coffee


candid of Beau and I discussing how delicious salami is🚩

I don't know why it's so close up to my face but this how I'm feelin on the rob and chyna shit🐸☕️ eatin my mcdonalds and thinkin bout strippers🌚 #SHWIPE #robandchyna #imlovinit #strippersstaywinning #pussyisundefeated

steph and I spent the day eating donuts on the beach and I 10/10 would recommend🌊🍩

s/o to the bitch that kicked my dad out of choir when he was little for accidentally throwin a pencil because GUESS WHAT HOE HE GOT THE VOICE OF AN ANGEL SO YA MESSED UP #PapaSilvs #RollingUpToYaCribLike #ItsTheTemptationsBaby #WhatchooKnowBoutIt #fathersday ❤️

•bitter hatred of a job made us friends, bitter hatred of everything else kept us that way• 🌚💅🏼 #PrettyandPetty2017

smokin 'boken🍺



🌑black & white & rude all over🌑

as usual, camping was 10/10⛺️ we all got muddy and we smelled weird😌🙌

My niece Cory is absolutely fearless. She had me swinging her on that rope so damn high and she was doing all kinds of crazy karate kicks😭 I can literally suggest any activity to her and she's down. Right before this vid, I was like "what if I swing you really high and and then you jump off and I catch you?" She got so pumped and was like "let's do it." Unfortunately we didn't make it work this afternoon but stay tuned, we've got a whole summer of madness ahead😜🙌 #HIGHFIIIIIVE #CoryTheCourageous #donttellmysister #btwshesonly9 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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