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Kelsey Kanhoffen  I work with dogs in Victoria B.C. and love what I do! Every moment spent with a dog, is one to capture and share! 📷🐾🇨🇦

*Exciting news!* We have an update to share on our little babies we left in Mexico who were too sick or young to fly with us! ❤️ 🐾 🇲🇽 -
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So we’ve been home from Mexico for a few days now, and had some time to decompress, get to know our new fosters, and reflect on all that has happened over the last two weeks.
It feels incredibly strange to leave all that we saw and experienced behind, knowing how much more work needs to be done.
There is a level guilt coming back to our cushy lives driving down streets free of sick and dying animals. We know that suffering is still rampant in Mexico, and not being there to help is hard to come to terms with.
We brought 14 dogs back to Canada, and spayed and neutered a whopping 419 animals! That means that 1 189 608 animals won’t be born into suffering and tragedy!
We are so incredibly proud of ourselves, and grateful to everyone who helped make this happen! You, our donors, the wonderful ladies at @diamonddogsyyj for hosting and volunteering at our fundraiser, and lastly our amazing sponsor @islandpetsource!
But we also left 9 animals behind that we couldn’t leave on the streets and were too sick to fly. They need months of medical treatment and rehabilitation at the facilities in Mexico.
Each one is so special and so deserving of a shot at life.
So many of you have messaged showing your support, and expressing that you could never go down and do what we did.. and that’s okay! We know this isn’t an experience for everyone, but it’s not always about everyone physically being there! It’s about creating awareness and giving what you can to help end the suffering. Whether that’s a share on social media, a conversation about rescue, or a financial donation, we NEED all of those things to do what we do.
So if you have been following our journey, and want to help us keep going and give the dogs we left in Mexico a fighting chance, then please donate and share our story!
Email transfer: -
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So I’ve finally met that special guy.. the guy you’ve all but given up looking for, because you don’t think he exists. Well, he does and his name is Thomas!
Gaby introduced me to Thomas a few months ago when he was found on the streets emaciated, bloodied, and with a large tumour weighing him down.
@backstreetdogsmexico has done an amazing job of nursing this wonderful boy back to health!
Unfortunately no rescues would take him because he is an older guy. Everyone had lost hope that Thomas would ever leave the shelter or find a home.
I’d been holding out to find a foster in Mexico that felt right for me and the girls, and honestly wasn’t sure I was going to find it.. Until I met Thomas.
I had been so excited to meet him after watching his journey at BSD, and had seen his smiling face on the home screen of my phone for months.
When I walked into his kennel it was like a made for T.V. movie, and I knew this sweet boy had to come to Canada for a chance at living the good life in his golden years.
We think Thomas is around 8 years old, and still has so much spunk! If you think you have the home for this amazing guy to come and give you all the loving your heart can handle, then fill out an application @rosier_days! -
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So far what I’ve shared with you has been on the lighter side of what we’ve experienced, but I feel it’s also important to share the hard truth of some of the more sinister parts of life here, and the animals that have come into our care as a result.
Domingo was our first who we found on the side of the highway, and he devastated us all. I truly believe he had given up and had nothing left. He could barely stand, and it was gutting.
Knowing that taking him in would mean he would never suffer like that again, is what kept our hearts from breaking completely.
We felt the same for the kitten who was brought to us with all 4 legs bound so tightly in electrical tape that it took full sedation and hours of soaking his feet to remove the tape. We are still not sure if we will able to save all 4 legs. But even still, we know he will never suffer like that again.
The sad truth however, is that we just can’t save them all.
Camilla was a beautiful girl with a severe case of TVT, which is a transmittable venereal tumour. With the saddest eyes and a chain around her neck we fell in love and agreed to take her, but once the vet examined her we were told she was too far gone and there was nothing we could do, except end her suffering.
She lay on the pavement, and waited for a vet to come and ease her pain. I sat next to her, pulled her close and sent her all of the loving energy my heart could muster.
I watched her breathing slow and held her head as the vet administered the needle to her heart, that would eventually stop it from beating. I watched the syringe move and back forth with the beat of her heart until it finally held still and she was gone.
It’s strange to feel so much for an animal I barely knew, but that’s what rescue does to you. Camilla was with me only a short while, but took a big piece of me when she left.
Even though Camilla couldn’t be saved, we’ve taken 6 others who hopefully can be. They need our help, and we will do everything we can to give them more than just a peaceful passing.
We could NOT do what we do if it weren’t for your donations and support, so please know that you are a part of this with us, and we are SO grateful for you!

Today was Day 4 in Puebla, Mexico and we’ve officially completed our first spay and neuter clinic. In two days we successfully spayed and neutered 209 animals! The vet staff we worked with were unbelievably skilled, and watching what they were able to do with what they had available to them was an amazing experience.
People were so incredibly loving and devoted to their pets waiting up to 5 hours in the hot sun, just to get a chance to ensure a better life for them.
Most waited anxiously near the tent when their pet went into surgery, and never left their side while they recovered. People were so incredibly grateful and made sure that we knew it.

The last few days have been a huge lesson for us in withholding judgment and having perspective, because so many of these people are really truly doing the best that they can with what they have. Spending the time to visit with the people here and asking to take their photos has given me a perspective on this part of the world I never would have had otherwise. And I’m so grateful for all that I’ve experienced so far.
We’ve had a lot of heartbreak and some that I am still processing. I want to share it with you all, but it seems to feel at the end of the day that we’ve run out of steam and emotions have run too high to unpack and break it all down into words. So for now I want to leave you with the good we’ve seen, and fulfillment we feel, and share the rest in the upcoming days.
I’m so grateful for you all, and the love that you’ve shown me!
Love from Mexico 🇲🇽❤️🐾 A HUGE thank you to our sponsor @islandpetsource for helping make this trip possible!! And to our friends at @diamonddogsyyj who hosted our fundraising event! -
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Today was a day full of happiness and heartache. It was day 1 for us in Puebla, Mexico and we spent most of the day at Funky Town Shelter getting to know it’s residents.
I was overwhelmed by how many dogs lived inside these walls, and how wonderfully they were cared for. Most could barely contain their excitement to see visitors who had an entire afternoon to spend with them, but some needed much more time than we had to earn their trust. But the one constant for almost every dog we met today, was a sad story or hard beginning in life.
I don’t have words for the respect and awe I have for the people down here who have spent an incredible amount of time and MONEY to do what needs to be done to change the course of these dogs lives. Amongst what feels like never ending apathy, comes some of the deepest empathy for what these dogs have been through, and it’s been incredible to see the shining light that breaks through the complete and utter darkness.
It was a perfect way to start our mission here in Mexico, knowing how much harder it’s going to get.
The shelters and spay and neuter campaigns we are headed into in the coming week will be a lot more challenging and test our emotional limits.. But no matter the heartache, I could honestly not be any happier to be here, and doing the thing that I love most in this world. ❤️🐾
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So it’s been two days since our big Baths and Beers fundraiser and I’m finally finding the words and the time to sit down and thank all of you guys who came out, donated, volunteered, or supported us in any way.
We were overwhelmed with gratitude for how well the event turned out, and how generous you all were.
So many kind words were shared, and so much encouragement and support was felt!
We want to say a very big THANK YOU to the girls of @diamonddogsyyj and the groomers who busted their butts for 6 hours straight bathing dogs, and doing nails! You guys are incredible and SO generous with your time and space. We could NOT have done this without you. So from the bottom of our hearts thank you!
It’s because of all of you who supported us in this, that we were able to fundraise $2600!
We are blown away by this number, and can’t even explain how many animals lives will be saved and changed forever. So thank you once again to such an amazing animal loving community! We are so grateful to you all and I can’t wait to share our journey to Puebla, Mexico with you! ❤️ 🐾 🇲🇽 -
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These baskets for raffle are seriously rad you guys.. I want to keep them all!
Click the link in my profile for the event details this weekend! 🍺🛁🐾 -
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It’s never easy letting go of our glorious summers on this little island.. 🏝
But today sure couldn’t have been a more perfect send off... ☀️🌊🌲
Thanks once again @pacificapaddle for such a wonderful day! 🤗 -
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