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Kelsey Montague 🦋  ✒️: International Street Artist ✈️: Coming up...CO 📩: 🎨: Mural map here⬇️

When your Swell bottle has a personality of it's own;) 🌊🕶#starbucks

Tongue out Tuesday at it's freaking best💕🐶 #whatliftsyou

Starting the week focused 💪🏼💥❤️ #whatunitesus

Bottoms up! Thank you guys for the great recommendations! Loved exploring this beautiful area🍷🐋 #untilnexttime

All moms are queens 👑❤️ Have a wonderful day guys xx

Napa...finally we meet! Let me know guys if you have any good recommendations?! Finally taking a girls trip with my mom and sis for an early Birthday celebration;) 💃🏼➡️🍇🍷

Portland, these carousal wings are done and ready for you!💜🍭 #jantzenbeachcenter #WhatLiftsYou

Starting the day like...💥💃🏼💫🎉

Saddle up Portland! #whatliftsyou #herewego

Yep, this pretty much sums up how I feel right now 😴💤 #mondays

This was taken at the end of a crazy crazy week in Poland. @montaguesisters and I spent everyday on a boomlift, 70ft up, listening to beyonce on our iphones...laughing, exhausted, hot, tired and having the time of our lives. I could not do this without you sis, you are and will forever be my rock. Happy #nationalsisterday to all the sisters out there! What an amazing special bond it is xx 💕#sistersister

Reaching for that weekend;) Have a wonderful day guys!!🎈 #whatliftsyou #visitseaport