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Kelsey J Patel  Q1 Reiki Trainings Now Available👇 Click the link below to sign up 🙏 + make sure to check out my other main squeezes 💜@magikvibes @breakupwithyourbs 💖

Me and My Papi in the beautiful wild poppy of Cali today 🧡 Such a beautiful day and feeling SO different than these past 10 days. I had Norovirus from a trip to Sayulita, Mexico, and was feeling pretty awful for a full week. Simultaneously, I was mentally/emotionally so f*cking DEEP in this retrograde, equinox, full moon week. When you’re sick, it can be really easy to spend too much time on social media, and I did for a couple days. • I compared myself to others constantly, obsessively watching a couple of women’s Instagram stories and thinking how much better their lives are then mine • telling myself that because I don’t have kids of my own I’m missing out on life • I told myself I have bad sleeping and eating habits • I sat in other vibes like self doubt, worry, laziness, indifference, sadness (lots of unexplainable tears) and then occasional peace, gratitude and acceptance. All this is to say, we humans are a lot like this here nature. We are vulnerable, we are wild, we are unpredictable, we are beautiful and we are meant to have cycles. We plant seeds, we birth them, we grow, we spring to life, we wilter, we release, we die and we go back down and do it all over again. It’s natural. We are cyclical. We have ups and downs and it doesn’t mean anything! It just IS. So we can keep going and keep changing and perhaps while on the way, we can even invite love, acceptance, gratitude and a bit of contentment for this wild journey we are all on 💫🧡💛

Honored to have sat with @jasonwachob on my recent trip to NYC for a real, raw and all things reiki chat on the @mindbodygreen podcast. I have a deep love and respect for @mindbodygreen 🙌 They were one of just a few media outlets to meet with me and my publicist on our first press trip to NYC in 2016. At that time, people weren’t really talking about reiki in the wellness space. Even further, their team held space for me to create the first Reiki 101 course on the @mindbodygreen class portal. It felt very full circle to be back in the same room that we recorded the course, now chatting about reiki as a mainstream healing modality. Several of you have DM’d me about this podcast interview, and I love hearing all of your stories about how you found energy healing work! If you haven’t tuned in yet, take a listen, especially if you’ve been working on energetic boundaries or need some inspiration for setting new ones. On the episode, I share a 5-minute practice I recommend for getting in tune with the energy around us and the visualization I do every day to set boundaries 🙏💫🙌 hope you enjoy 🌟

Byeeeeeee, Mexico 🇲🇽 double espresso with almond milk in my right hand, surrender and ✌️ in my left hand, sand + ocean + sweat + dancing + massage oil + rolling around on the floor of the palapa in my hair 😝 + a super CUTE 🍑 that loves to shake and dance, and a ❤️ that is SO full of Joy, Excitement, Acceptance and Gratitude for this journey into Spring and all that lies ahead. Thank you, God. Thank you, Angels. Thank you, Life. Thank you, Ocean. Thank you, Humans. Thank you, Creation. Thank you, Feeling. Thank you, Pain. Thank you, Being 🙏🙏🙏

Celebrating international women’s day the only way I know Being with them, by loving them, seeing them, letting myself be seen, by sharing together, crying, dancing, laughing, giving, receiving, moving fear to love, meditating, softening, whispering, cheering, eating, hugging and all the things together. Women. We are fucking incredible. We have risen and we are together for the journey. I bow to each of you, ALL my sisters in life, and to the ones who have paved the path for us to stand (or lay 🙏 if we like 😉) in our own skin and witness our greatest becoming. 💫💆‍♀️💫🌕💫🌟

Last night, I arrived home at exactly 10:50p from an amazing 7 day whirlwind trip to NYC (this pic!) and the first thing I did before taking my shoes or jacket off was fill up a bottle of @rising_springs and start hydrating - and it was the first thing I drank this am before leaving the house to fly out to Sayulita, Mexico to teach at a retreat. While in NY, I had a few boxes of the water shipped to me (note: they can ship to YOU too at home or anytime you travel in the U.S.!) so I could keep my daily routine intake, which is: Wake up, fill up a 24 oz water bottle and drink 8 oz before my morning coffee with almond milk. Then continue drinking the water until it’s gone. I drink mostly spring water or alkaline water the rest of the day. At night, I drink 1-2 cups of Rising Springs again before bed when taking my bedtime supplements. I’ve been drinking the water for more than a year now and am SO 👏 GRATEFUL 👏 to know about it, to be able to drink water straight from the Earth 🌍 and to know the owner personally and her commitment to sustainability and giving people access to this natural, beautiful, rich in mineral, UNFILTERED water 💦 if you have any q’s, feel free to dm me or @risk ng_springs or leave it below in case others have same q😽💫💦 In the meantime, I’ll now be enjoying the 🌊 form of water all weekend in my bikini 👙 😁#risingspringspartner #ad

“From dust you were born and to dust you shall return.” Such powerful reminders and vibes on this New Moon, Ash Wednesday, Mercury Retrograde 🙏💫 really feeling the energy of “gratitude for change today “ and asking myself what else or where else am I ready/willing to shift over these next 40 days? What brings me the deepest joy in life right now and what am I willing to do to create more of that? When do I feel my passion in the healthiest forms? Which relationships do I want to work on and give energy to right now? Just feeling this palpable sensation that I will not be here forever so how do I want to share myself and my light in this world? What can I do that is in alignment with my joy to make this world a brighter and better place then when I arrived? Side note: It’s been a year or two since I’ve had ashes (was born and raised Catholic in North Dakota through the roots of my Irish ☘️ grandpa) and it felt really serene and beautiful to be there again today 🙏

Yep yep 💫 Love IS Dope ✌️AND!!! Boundaries ARE Medicine ✌️been HYPER aware of how much I’m letting other people’s “needs” “wants” “invitations” in these days. Basically, it’s a zero tolerance policy if it doesn’t feel aligned, genuine or joyful to me. Some people treat me like they “need” me or that I’m here to give them something they don’t already have. And, what’s amazing is that my closest friends, reiki students and others are also getting confronted FACE to FACE with these scenarios and being asked to create NEW boundaries. The brand NEW ones that are based in love and service - first to your own desires, needs, priorities and JOY so that you can share that with the world and serve others. Because we are all getting mirrors to become clearer, to love ourselves deeper, to feel healthier, stronger, more connected to our purpose here and THEN out to serve and help others. Clearing space like you’ve probably never known or felt it before. I can’t do pretend. I refuse to repeat old patterns. I won’t keep showing up like I’ve only ever known. God has a plan for all of us and my purpose is to keep following my path and my joy. The sky keeps changing and so do I. Every day is different and so am I. Leave a ✌️if you’re feeling this!

Celebrating this beauty and her new book, recipes for your “Imperfectly Perfect Life” which includes SO much more than cooking the incredible, inspiring and delicious food inside. One of the most incredible things about @_kimberlysnyder is her authenticity, her realness and her vulnerability in being human. She wrote this book after her mom passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly. Her son had just turned one when she lost her mother. This book is about learning to lean into living your life in all its forms. It has a little bit of everything for the soul AND some amazing recipes too. I am proud to call this beauty a friend and even more grateful to know she’s a spiritual sister. She has written this book from her soul and the minute I opened it, I told her I could feel the energy and love and magic pouring from the pages. It is filled with love, healing and nourishment along the way. I hope you love it and receive it’s healing too! 😽🙏🙌🙌🙌

Happy Valentine’s Day lovers ❤️! While I’m here in OC with my delicious hubby having our own private fun and love-filled day, I want to shout out a quick reminder that the MOST important love relationship we all have is the one that looks back at you in the mirror. Take a heartbeat 💗 today to truly see yourself; to love right where you’re at - challenges, triumphs and all - and to remind yourself that you are worthy of the greatest forms of love. I wrote an article today for @iamwellandgood titled: The four letter word for February that’s not love 🥰! Link in profile ☝️ and it has some journaling prompts that I hope get you connecting and feeling a little closer to you and your yummy, perfect, radiant heart today 😽🙌 XOXO!

Lovers!!! Happy (almost!) V Day! If you’re feeling these vibes of CHANGE on all levels, I’m right there with youuuuu 🙏 Wowza! What a start to the new year! I have a little gift for you (keep reading!) 📮❤️ But first, let me just say, I was in SF all weekend teaching reiki and did a big event in LA last night and each night after events, I grabbed one of these CBD infused face masks from @cosobeauty to calm my vibes. These masks are SUPER hydrating and if you do for a few days in a row, skin is 👌. As a pre-V day gift 💝 I want to send you a mask to pamper yourself through all these changes! Use code: KELSEYFREE at 😍🙌 or swipe in my stories now (disclaimer: you will need to pay shipping for $5.95 💌) You can get one free single mask or a discount on a set with my code 😽 In the meantime, me and my Valentine (swipe!) will be in our sweats, watching movies, wearing face masks and eating chocolate 🍫😽 #ad #vday #cbdskincare

Reiki for you, reiki for me, everybody gets reiki so we can all be in the space to just love and be 🤗😁 thank you @socalwellness for having me speak and lead a group reiki meditation yesterday 🙏🙌. And EXTRA thanks 💫 to all of you who sent me love, reiki and healing prayers last night and this am after watching my insta videos. You healed me! I woke up this am and felt like a renewed Kelsey. ALL of your messages and love truly lifted me up, and I received every single one of your healings 🙏🙏🙏 the power of reiki and prayer is INFINITE. So grateful 🙏🙌 ps this is not my fave picture from yesterday BUT it’s one with active reiki, and I want you to feel the love coming to you 😽🙌

2019 - you have been INTENSE 🙏 I’m finally feeling ready to be out and about again, but these last couple weeks my desire to post/share/speak/be external has been about 5% - anyone else been feeling this?? for me sharing on social media has been about being real and being READY to share, which sometimes means I won’t post because I need my own time to process, feel and go inward. It’s been some intense personal and family stuff going on and the shifts have been enormous and hard and incredible. Last week, I did my 2nd event of the year - I said yes bc it was with one of my dearest friends @iamdawnmccoy and even though I didn’t feel open or outgoing or like socializing, I knew it would be good for me and my soul. So, I went. And I laughed and shared and hugged and received and realized that even though I can have REALLY hard times, my friends, my family and my community make me feel SO MUCH BETTER. So, if you’ve gone thru stuff this year - big or small - remember to reach out, to share when you’re ready, to be open to receive your tribe and their love. Sometimes I forget how much I too need support and how good it feels to be loved. So, thank you 🙏 to @lemonadela and my old and new tribe for creating these amazing spaces for us to come together to share and to support and to be @iamdawnmccoy @ginawadecreative @wayofthewong @elisejoanfitness @boxunionstudio @cassydy @autumncalabrese @thebodybook

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