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“Ya. They’re called DOCTORS.” ~
That they are! Shawn graduated with a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy this weekend and I couldn’t be prouder of him. He slayed grad school: rocked a 3.9 GPA, served as president of the National Honor Society and didn’t go gray doing it! It took us a little longer than usual to get here but we’re here now and we’re gonna be loud and braggy about it!! 🎓

Playing with fun, illustrated characters! This warm weather is putting me in all sorts of great moods. I need a name for this guy, it’s clearly a one syllable name... or a longer name that’s usually for girls that he’s embarrassed about like Francis or something. 😂 Leave your name ideas in the comment section!

Felt so inspired to participate in this week’s #homwork #challenge by @laurenronquillo ! As most of you know, I’m all about transparency and avoiding fakery. This week is no different. My whole life I’ve dealt with body insecurities, like most women/everyone does! Now that I’m pregnant again, it’s amplified. Thoughts like “I am way too big for only X amount of weeks” and after I had given birth the first time: “I had the baby X amount of months ago and I still look pregnant.” And “Great. Those stretch marks will last the rest of my life. Cool cool cool.” ~
I’ve wasted a lot of time and energy focusing on things my body isn’t instead of what it is. It can breathe on its own w/o me telling it to! It can create things, it can feel things, it can sense things! It’s beautiful and YOURS IS TOO. Let’s decide to be Secure About our Bods and grateful for the God-given gifts they are. ❤️

Finally got around to participating in this awesome challenge. I couldn’t agree with the message more which is that, dudes, nothing is original. All ideas have origins including and especially artistic ones. And that’s a beautiful thing. Study art history: you’ll see that Picasso was inspired by Matisse who was inspired by Chardin, etc. So if you’re an artist and you see someone creating something that’s similar to your work, be flattered! You inspired someone! There’s room for all of us! I challenge @scribblesavvy , @katrina_sutton and @writehandlettering ! ~
P.S. Plagiarism is an entirely different animal. This post is not in support of that. ~
P.S.S. Thank you @laurenipsum_ for creating this challenge and for inspiring me! ~
P.S.S.S. Couldn’t decide which color I liked better haaaalp?

Rugrat #2 is on the way! This little bean has kept me sick, tired and on the brink of emotional breakdowns in Chik-fil-A lines and every single time I read HONY (the Special Olympics ones RN, are you kidding me?!😭). I haven’t been able to create as much as I’d like to due to all-day naps but I hope to get back on the horse soon!
We feel super blessed and a lot nervous to have 2 under 2 but that’s what day drinking is for, right?? (Jokes, ma!)
Due in October, (🖤Halloween birthdays forever!🖤) and already spoiled with a perfect older sis and fur bros. (Swipe to see gender reveal!)

Ok so SO thrilled to finally share this commissioned piece I did for @ourrescue . OUR rescue is an organization that rescues victims from sex trafficking. In the past 4 years, OUR has rescued 1,765 victims and assisted in the arrests of more than 888 traffickers around the world. Their message to everyone is to Shine YOUR Light. Go to their store now and get your own shirt today!

It appears we’ve instilled this into our daughter almost too well... she calls the cat “mom” instead of me. 🤦🏻‍♀️ #HOMwork

Do I get points for combining 2 #lettering challenges? I was thinking of all the cool things humans create from carving animals out of wood to houses made out of a bunch of concrete bubbles — we are all so creative in our own ways and I think we need to celebrate that! So for this week’s #pencildrills , I created this affirmation statement and included illustrations of my creative toolkit for #homwork . The only thing missing is a ginormous bag of salt & vinegar chips and maybe a chili cheese dog. They FUEL me.

While I can’t take credit for this quote, I did think it was obscure and unique enough to #letter it for #homwork. It’s from Roger Miller’s song, “Dang me.” It holds special significance bc my hubby is one of the only ppl that would get this reference. We love the same obscure things, we giggle when kids fall down, we put the same importance on family as we do pizza, we just GET each other and I’m so blessed to have found him. ~
If you’re anything like me, you had the best intentions to get a card for your S.O. but were waiting until it was above freezing outside to go get it. Since it seems winter is sticking around a lot longer than was wanted, here is a sweet treat from me to you: a FREE, downloadable, printable card!! Just head on over to my blog! Link in bio ❤️
~ Swipe to see the original! 🖊

Worked on this during the Super Bowl... 😂

What’s my recipe for success? A big ol’ slice of humble pie with a dollop of confidence and a dollop of ambition. 🥧 I’ve had to swallow my pride many times and sign up for that class, or buy that how-to book, sit through critiques (a fresh level of hell), ask questions, and accept that some may call my questions dumb but they can go punch sand. I wanted to believe I could just improve on my own but I guess that’s not how I learn and progress! 🤷🏻‍♀️ I need a community. So thank you to all of you for helping me succeed. 🖤#homwork

Because you don’t have to have an iPad to be artsy fartsy! #pencildrills
My mechanical pencil thanks you @threeologie ! 😂

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