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Kelsey Schwenk  Puerto Rican ocean enthusiast and lover of the ordinary. Film photographer of families & weddings & wife to my favorite adventurer @nate.schwenk | CLT

I think I figured it out,
We need to be together --
Like the shore and the sea.
We are not one thing,
We’re drawn here together,
My ocean and Me.
J. Foreman

My pregnancy was really hard mentally and emotionally (another post for another time). I was fearful I wouldn't love her but I’m so glad I do. ❤️ Photo by @rachelwellsphoto
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I’ve been dreaming of winning the HGTV home giveaway (okay seriously, who doesn’t want to win?!) and telling nate how we’d live in it for a while, take the stuff we want, sell it, and then build our dream forever home. It’d be close to family but on a good amount of land and in the backyard we’d have blah blah blah, you get the picture. I’m okay with dreaming until it becomes debilitating to the present. (And that’s only when I realize it 🤦🏽‍♀️) My sister Kathryn reminded me that I don’t have to wait until everything’s “perfect” to enjoy things. #truuuuuuth. So for Nate that means starting a vegetable garden and compost pile and for me it means making our backyard a place where we enjoy hanging out and connecting with each other and others. Side note, if you have any tips on how to create an affordable outside oasis, I’m all ears! .

So today we picked blackberries from our own backyard and Linus came over and ran through the sprinklers with Nate and it was actually perfect. .

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When this picture was taken, we were on my favorite beach and I had already cried three times. Once because I had to bring so much gear for my pregnant self to the beach and I was used to claiming a spot close to the water with a towel and cutoffs. A second time because I was POSITIVE the people (I didn’t know) on the next towel over were judging my bikini pregnant body. And I cried a third time BECAUSE I was crying at my favorite place and didn’t want to have any sad memories at the beach. Ya feel me? #hormones (but really just #life) 😂😭😂😭😂😭

Change is hard and there’s not really a lesson here, just a laugh and a memory. Buuuuut I guess if I had to find a takeaway, I learned that I don’t mix well with bunch of estrogen and that you’re more susceptible to being sunburned when pregnant — hence the one piece 🔥😏 AND lastly that I’m glad I documented my belly even though I DIDN'T feel like being in any photos. Ever. 🤰🏽 #loveyourordinary #aftonmercylynn #teamschwenk #findinabox #thefindlab #portra160 #35mm #charlottephotographer

My sister let me know that a remake of Little Women is being produced and I’m already pre-disposed to hating it because the last one was/will be forever the best. (Henry isn’t too thrilled about it either.) .

Regardless of my emotions about the film, I’m excited for tomorrow. This weekend has been full of everything and the perfect mix of nothing. In fact, I’m looking forward to the whole week — meetings I’ve been looking forward to are happening, I’m feeling my postpartum body get stronger, I’m starting to feel more like myself and Nate’s been tending to a blackberry bush we found in our backyard which makes me think about the delicious things we’ll make and how we’ll pick berries with Afton as she grows and it makes me feel nostalgic and hopeful all at the same time. Things don’t always seem/feel this way and that’s okay but I want to stay in this moment as long as I can. .

PS - I know you’re wondering which Little Woman I am — I’m a mix of Jo & Beth. What are you?! We can talk about this forever 🤗

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My father left this earth when I was just shy of 7. Until my mom remarried to my (now) Dad 6 years later, we never celebrated Father’s Day. The first one without my dad, my Mom had me and my siblings sing at church so instead of awkward pity conversations, people were telling us how well we did (smart move Mom 😗). I also remember one year bringing home a paper that your dad was supposed to sign and asking God to put His signature there and promising that if He did I wouldn’t tell or show anyone - I obviously would have 😂. But don’t cry for me Argentina, because where this situation could have befriended shame and despair, there was freedom and joy instead. Along with my incredible Mom, I had AMAZING grandparents, family members, and men from our community who poured into my life and our family. Small things made a huge difference and most people probably won’t even know the impact their words and time had. .

So today — to the men at every stage who are compassionate, strong, present, and resilient. To my Grandpa, Dad, Nate, and to you, Happy Father’s Day. ❤️ #loveyourordinary #findinabox #thefindlab #fuji400h #ishootfujifilm #teamschwenk #aftonmercylynn #charlottefilmphotographer #charlottephotographer #charlottlefamilyphotographer #fathersday

It’s not Father’s Day yet but I don’t care and neither do Instagram algorithms. .

To the man who tears up during the short before Pixar movies. (To the man who sees Pixar movies with me in theaters.) To the man who sings to his worship songs to his daughter (and doesn’t know I’m around he corner videoing it while crying). To the man who is incredibly innovative and will research a new subject to no end so he can master it. To the man who starts 1,000 projects at once. To the man who’s unlocked more dreams in me than I thought I had (and then believes in me for them.) To the man who’s a great chef, bottle maker, and night soother. To the man who is abnormally ticklish everywhere. To the man with such a dry sense of humor that sometimes I don’t know you’re joking. To the man who baby wears and sits on the leather couch in @madewell and gives me his honest opinion about the 40 outfits I try on. To the man who should be an @apple sponsor because he loves their products so much. To the man who loves Jesus and serves and learns others well. To the man who has and receives hard conversations so our marriage can be better. To the man who is compassionate, strong, present, and abnormally handsome. To the man who loves the beach and runs through seagulls for fun. .

We love you @nate.schwenk Happy Fathers Day. .

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This is what we prayed for - to live close enough to family to be able to say things like - “Be there in 15” or “Can you babysit on Thursday?” Or my favorite, “Can I borrow that dress?” It allows us to make the people we love the most part of our ordinary and that simple joy is something I never want to take for granted.
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Build me a home inside your scars.
Build me a home inside your song.
Build me a home inside your open arms, the only place I ever will belong. - Jon Foreman

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Today I was talking with my counselor (whom I love very much) about what our business would look like now that Afton’s here. She said that being a mom would only enrich photography because there’s no part of my life it wouldn’t touch.

I’ve been repeating those words over and over again because I know things are shifting and fear of the unknown is an easy companion. However, I’m choosing to be excited for what the shift looks like and to embrace the change.

Plus, it’s already evident she’s right since this evening I got a preview of film scans and included in them is quite possibly my favorite photo I’ve ever taken. Nate and Afton, my loves in medium format form and the heart of what I want to capture for others #loveyourordinary @thefindlab
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We welcomed Afton Mercy Lynn Schwenk into our family two weeks ago and are overwhelmed with how much we love her.
We’ve also been taking the advice that literally EVERYONE gave us - to soak in this time. Because of this, we’ve been intentional about being offline which means I’ve been quiet on instagram and I’m not going to let shame get the best of me.
I know we’ll be back to our regular scheduled programming soon enough so I’ll take this time to share some snippets of sweet Afton here and I’m just assuming no one minds 😉

PS - I obviously melted like butter at this sweet face.

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And one more tonight so we can dream of summer together.
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