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KĴ H₳RE  Professional jetsetter & co-founder of 2SOL ⇣ 🏠Lancaster, PA || ✈ N.Y.C.

Not NOT about to lose my bikini three times in Brazilian waves.
When in Rio..?


Late night coffee chats in the cockpit still trying to wrap my mind around how I get paid for this stuff ✈ ✈
#crewlife #flightclub #aastews

I’ve already crossed 10 major things off of my bucket list with this gem right here. And not necessarily because we made that a priority, but because he’s literally the best adventure pal I could ever even dream of and it’s almost hard not to.
I didn’t know that watching monster trucks do flips while wearing my overall skirt and surrounded by thousands of drunken podunk fans was on my bucket list, but it is now, and ya can count that one done. #monsterjam2018 #gravediggernotdead

I’m currently sitting in the Denver Admirals Club drinking free whiskey over a game of Settlers of Catan before hitching a flight to Florida to catch the incoming good surf.
All this contrasted to the past week of cruising down powdery slopes with some of the coolest people on earth and I can’t imagine how this could get better, except if time manipulation were my super power and I could do it all again a hundred times. #breckenridge #colorado

in a galaxy gnar gnar away ❄️

Shredded the gnar, caught some air, ate a lot of snow with our faces. ☑️, ☑️ & ☑️.

I flew a plane the other day... alone. What?
And ya wanna know the craziest thing? I wasn't even terrified (S.O. to my bomb instructor). In fact, I would have never wanted to come back down if it weren't for what I had waiting for me on the ground.
I think I may be the luckiest girl ever, and days like this are a reminder among many. Accomplishing sky-high dreams alongside the most supportive friends, family & boyfriend in the world.
#soloday #aviation #privatepilot #aerotech #cessna152

I wish I could explain how I feel about this boy. Or why this moment, being handed a head of lettuce for Valentine’s Day, will forever be one of my favorites. But words fail me so badly, and I’m completely ok with that.

Hiked a mountain in Phoenix. It was cool I guess.

Half a million people gathered in Cape Canaveral yesterday to watch the world’s most powerful experimental rocket launch, the Falcon Heavy. It was my first in-person launch and this thing was M.A.S.S.I.V.E, so I was 100% bananas about it. But furthermore, mad respect to @SpaceX for using pieces of their extremely precious time to still be whimsical - a lesson for us all.
Because on top of this history-making rocket, orbiting in space for the next billion years is a cherry red Tesla, being driven by Starman the Mannequin, blasting “Space Oddity” for all the aliens to sing to. All of it just... because.

It’s been nine months since I started roaming the skies with AA. I reminiscently sat down and crunched the numbers today & in the last nine months, I’ve...
✈ Been to 16 countries and 58 cities, most more than once
✈ Flown 298,242 air miles, spending over 709 hours in the sky
✈ Crossed 9 things off my bucket list
✈ Survived 2 medical emergencies
✈ Gotten lost in deserts, forests & cathedrals
✈ Been paid to fly to Italy with my best friend
✈ Had 2 legitimate sugar daddy proposals
✈ Sent 37 postcards to people I love
✈ Jumped in the Gulf of Mexico in my santa panties ✈ Found a hundred ways to be entertained with dry ice
✈ Mastered the NYC subway system
.... and soo so much more ...
BUT of all these adventures and 298,000 miles traveled (that‘s 12 times around the globe), it was one long, creepy late night walk through the abandoned halls of LaGuardia crew operations that abruptly led me to this man right here. And THAT has been the biggest adventure of all.
#6monthsstrongtoday #andcounting

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