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Kelly Kao  Storyboard Artist on Marvel Rising⚡️| Freelance Character Designer | Email:

Collab with @klasse14 featuring the lovely Miss Volare FW2017 Powder 🌟⌚️🌟 // Use the code "kellyykao" to get a 12% off discount at
#KLASSE14usa #OrdinarilyUnique

I want to see my little boy~

I got my first Hobonichi planner at Baum-kuchen yesterday and I can’t get over how cute it is! 💖😭💖
The calendar doesn’t start until Dec but I couldn’t wait so I’m writing in the weeks for Oct and Nov myself in the notes section haha

Lockjaw wants to play!! 🌸🐶🌸 #marvelrising

Happy Friday!! ✨🕷🕷✨

Congrats to the She-Ra crew!!! I absolutely love the designs and I can't wait to watch it!! 💖 💖 💖

I made more Marvel’s Spider-Man charms and Oliver approves hahaha 💖💖💖

Ms Marvel and Spidey TEAMING UP!! 💥⚡️🕷💥

I'm in love with Kairi's new look in KH3!!! 💖💖💖

KH3 doodles ✨👑✨ #kingdomhearts

I’m still thinking about Spider-Gwen’s ballet shoes 🕷🎀 #spidermanintothespiderverse

Little Tyrone and Tandy #cloakanddagger

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