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Kelly Spronk  - 💕✨🐠🕊-

Maybe the journey isn’t that much about becoming anything, maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that was never really you to begin with, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.. 🌹💕

Shine like the star you are ❤️

You may see that you’re made of elements, like water for example. If you remove the water from you, there’s no you left. You’re made of earth, if you remove the element earth, there’s no you left. You’re made of air, you need air desperately, without air you cannot survive. And there’s the fire element, the element of heat, the element of light in you. You know that you are made of light. Without sunlight nothing can grow on earth. If you continue to look, you see that you’re made of the sun, one of the biggest stars in the galaxy, and you know that the earth, as well as yourself, is made of the stars. So you are the stars. On a clear night look up and you can see you are the stars above. You’re not just the tiny body you normally may think of as yourself. .✨💕

Head in the clouds.. 💕💭 #littledaydreamer

Jut & Juuuuul 🌹💃🏼


When life becomes about making memories, instead of focusing on making the best instagram picture.. Instagram is NOT real, so stop comparing yourself to other people’s lifes. You never know what’s happening behind the scene or behind the filters and facetune. Lately my life is more about living in the moment instead of hiding behind my phone. Porto you got my heart.. ❤️

The part when the flower starts to bloom after the rain. I never loved myself or thought I was good enough but that made me realise I actually am, and you are too, we all are! May you all find your strength and your super powers.. In the end the walls you build around you only become roadblocks on your journey.. Love. 🌸🌹

I got a little gift, as I’m walking in this bathing suit 24/7 lately, maybe you wanna order yours with a 20% discount @myjewellery you can use the code KELLYSPRONK20 (also available for other pieces) ❤️ And a little reminder for today, don’t forget to spread some love and be your own kind of beautiful!! Light and love is really what we need in the world we’re living in ✨💕

Tacooooo 🌮💕

Remember that a certain darkness is needed to become the light we are meant to be, learning is growing 🐛🌹🌈

It’s okay to take a different road than you had in mind.. 💕🐻

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