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Happy #InternationalSurfingDay #ISD. Another reason to be thankful for all the things we have while we’re on this earth. I don’t know where I would be without the ocean and surfing. Or for that matter without my friends and family. Or my health. Or the endless pursuit of more fun and looking forward to the future! So many things to be thankful for. 🙏🏽 Name yours. 👇🏽

Strange looking things, feet. I’ve had 5 foot injuries now since 2003, the latest coming last week with a strained ligament (#TurfToe) on the same foot (R) I injured last year. Not a major injury but puts me in doubt for #JBay. Sometimes the universe directs you to where you need to be. Injuries used to really freak me out but they’ve taught me patience and and a sense of calmness somehow. Happy #WorldOceansDay and so long to a friend I never had the chance to meet in @anthonybourdain. I wish that meal had happened in Sydney and sorry you couldn’t shake that feeling. Too many good people have gone down before their time. Reach out and call someone if that’s happening to you. 🙏🏽👂🏽

Speed, Power, Flow, Variety...@italoferreira ticking all the boxes in the semi-final vs @jordysmith88 right now in the @wsl #CoronaBaliProtected live right now. Even a little shuvit just to make sure he got a little of everything in. 🤷🏽‍♂️👏🏽🏄🏽‍♂️ What you guys think of the level these days?

In 2008, #AndyIrons told me he was gonna make a film about the battle with his demons and asked if I would be in it, tour it to schools, and talk to kids with him about the topics. I told him I would be honored to help in any way i could. He said that if he changed even just one kid’s life by keeping them sober his life would be a success. I know he changed my life on deep levels making me question why and how I do what I do. Hopefully this one changes many more in the years to come to honor his legacy. #AndyIronsKissedbyGod posthumously tackles many of the topics Andy was challenged by on a daily basis. It’s playing in 500 Theaters nationwide tonight, Thursday, May 31st at 7:00pm. Go to to find a Theater near you to purchase tickets. Don't miss it! @tetongravity #AIFOREVER @lyndieirons @axelirons @bruceirons
@AndyIronsFoundation 🙏🏽🙌🏽

Just take a second and process this... @surfnavarro kicked out right next to me and all I could do was give him a big hug. Today will never be forgotten. It was an honor to be in the presence of an ocean doing this. There is no better wave on this earth than #Cloudbreak. Lots of questions about competition and the event in Bali...Long story short, I am not on the level I want and need to be to compete. I did catch one really nice wave today, went straight perfectly well, and saw a hundred other good waves. When I’m ready, properly healed, and able to compete with the world’s best, I will. Good luck to everyone in Bali for the @wsl event and hoping for some more tomorrow in Fiji. Wow is all I can say. I’m inspired and more excited than ever to see surfing where it’s at! I’m calling at least 1 Billion people on this earth should have witnesse what went down today. This stuff is like people going to the tomorrow people will say it didn’t happen. 👽🏄🏽‍♂️🌊

Attention #SurfRanch fans (forget what i said about continental US...HAWAII INCLUDED!). We are giving away two more sessions at Surf Ranch in July for each winner and a guest! There are a few other prizes to be won from the @outerknown collection as well but you won’t want to miss this free opportunity to have the 🌊 to yourself for the day. I hope all my friends who have not yet been there sign up for this one and relieve some pressure on me!😬😂 Good luck and hope your name gets picked! Link in bio. 🤙🏽🖖🏽🤞🏽👌🏽

Can you guess which finger I broke playing football as a kid? Yep...middle finger left hand. Thanks @worldofmark and @questaircraft for flying by #SurfRanch the other day and for taking us out to Catalina for Mother’s Day last week!

Happy Mom’s Day, mom. Love you.

Big week ahead. #SurfRanch finally comes to life for all to see live. The first day i saw a wave on this property I was taken aback. ‘What have we done here and what does it mean for surfing? Is this the best thing ever or is it opening some weird door we can’t shut? Will people love it or hate us for it?’ They all ran through my head in that first minute, slow motion and fast forward working in unison. The debate shall continue on but there is no denying the stoke it gives those who ride it. When I envisioned this idea, I felt it was bigger than one person or company and it should be something everyone has a hand in on some level. Certain individuals stepped up to the plate back in 2006 and others were scared away. To my partners and our team...I thank you for having the original belief to make this a reality in our lifetimes when a lot of people wouldn’t take the risk. Most will never comprehend what it took to put this puzzle together. This was the scariest project I’ve ever been a part of but the rewards are far greater than I had realized they would be. I’m honored that many of the biggest legends of our sport will join the best surfers in the world in venturing to the middle of nowhere to celebrate it all this coming weekend. Thanks to everyone for their ideas, support, and opinions good and bad. I truly hope everyone gets to ride this thing or one of its future versions one day (unless you’re one of those guys who came here to moan about it!😀). ✌🏽 from L-R...Wild Rivers wave pool 1988, Allentown, PA 1985, @fredhemmings Tempe, AZ 1969, and a bunch of Surf Ranch the past few weeks. Check @gerglong getting spat out of his barrel! @bonfirebeachkids @noahgrimmett @shoulderhigh @wsl

Couple of lefts last week. Who’s coming to #FoundersCup next week?! ✋🏽 @kswaveco @wsl #SurfRanch @raimanaworld @slaterdesigns @outerknown

Has anyone ever spent the day with #BillMurray and not smiled all day? A memorable day in my life.

Dead tired from a full day at #SurfRanch. Looking forward to more closeouts tomorrow.

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