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Kelly Pender  Yoga Instructor | SUP Yoga | Model | Health Coach Final Yoga + Kombucha Party - August 9th ⬇️

Indulge in Self Love πŸ’“πŸŒ΄
Today & every day
Outfit @onzie

Trusting in what already is and in what is yet to come ✨✨✨

This country is magic. I have this nostalgic feeling like I'm home.
I've been here many times before, in one of my past lives. Who has done past life regression before? I think it's time for me!
πŸ“· @satyashala

So grateful to be in Colombia! I can't wait for the retreat to begin on Monday and to see all you beautiful beings! ✨🌴✨
@lorenlotus I'm waiting for you babe! @colombiaretreat

Happy happy Friday! Halfway to Colombia! Couldn't be more excited to get to @gitanadelmarbeachresort ✨✨✨
I'm ready for the magic of the jungle and to reunite with my inspiration Loren! πŸ’“πŸŒ΄
Have you heard that my babe @lorenlotus started her own yoga retreat company Lotus Retreats @colombiaretreat . πŸ™πŸ» SO PROUD OF HER! If you couldn't make it to this retreat, she's hosting another retreat in Colombia on November 13-18th! DM her or myself for any questions πŸ’“XO
On my fave @supbliss Mermair board!

I'm ready for my next adventure! Off to Colombia tonight for the @colombiaretreat Self-Realization & Empowerment Yoga Retreat!!! I can't wait to meet & connect with all of you beautiful souls! 😘✨
Cheers to new experiences!

Sometimes we question ourselves. What we're doing, what we did, maybe how we reacted. That's okay.
But allow that thought to pass. Don't allow it to take over.
You are on the right path. Exactly where you are meant to be and doing exactly what you are supposed to.
Everything is happening for a reason. If it doesn't make sense right now. It will. Give it time.
And if you don't like something. YOU have the power to change it 😊
πŸ“Έ @rootwithrosieyoga

What is that one thing you've been thinking about? Even dreaming about?
A new job. Moving across the country. Entering into a new relationship or leaving one that no longer serves you. Maybe even trying out a new class.
Move past any blockages that may be holding you back and DO IT.
Create the life you want for yourself. You are in control. That one thing that you've been dreaming of or constantly thinking about WILL happen. It's up to you to make that first step. .
If it doesn't make sense to anyone else but you - great! Listen to your intuition. .

TRUST in the journey rather than the outcome. You have everything you need within to succeed. ✨✨✨

You are enough. ✨✨✨
Let go of what's holding you back from moving forward. Go for it πŸ’œ

Tomorrows pose for #armedandinverted
Day 7 || Shoulder Stand .
You guys are rocking this challenge!
To set up for your variation of shoulder stand, begin on your back. Place your arms next to your side body and root the back of your triceps, elbows and shoulders into the mat. Slowly begin to roll your hips up as you place your hands on your low back for support. Stacking hips over shoulders Protect your neck by looking straight up to the sky. Take any leg variation you please! .
Use code 'armedandinverted' for the duration of this challenge to receive 30% off @wolventhreads !

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Sponsor: @wolventhreads

Beautiful day today! Finally got to connect with the water β˜€οΈπŸ’§
I can't believe our Colombia Yoga Retreat begins in one week! So excited for a week filled with love, new friends, experiences and adventures!

Happy Monday! .
No advanced asanas, nothing challenging, just mountains, puppies and connecting to my breath. My ideal practice πŸ™πŸ» .
Video sped up 2x

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