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Kellyn Morris  Just your average punter who acts a fool on TV from time to time. Usually found feasting on chocolate and dripping with sarcasm.

Not bad Brisso, not bad. This made returning to reality marginally better. #demsunsetfeels

And just like that, I'm back on the clock, staring blankly at a computer screen. Hawaii you were an almighty dream 👌🌺 Big props to Bruce, for being the world's best travel buddy and my all-time fave human. @brycebrycebryce #shakabrah #doingthewashing #ILTWYMMF

Ridin' dirrrrrrty on the Big Island. No seriously, we were filthy after this. #hawaii #volcano #lavaflow

Last night consisted of watching lava from an active volcano stream down into the ocean. Without sounding wanky, no words can adequately describe the experience, but it's one of the greatest sights I'll witness in my lifetime. #allhailmothernature #bigisland #hawaii

Trying to locate my dignity. #lostcause #kauai

Seriously though, how can this be real?! #thedeepblue #maui #paradise

This vista might look serene, but Maui's got some gusty winds on her that don't mind keeping you up all night. #nosleeptillbrooklyn

There's too many shakas, chompers and far too much exposed skin in this photo, but whatevz people, I'm in Hawaii. #holidayzbrah #maui

Not a bottle of fake tan in sight. #cantan #ILTWYMMF #kauai @brycebrycebryce

Another rubbish, terrible, awful vantage point courtesy of Kauai. #bloodyparadise

When your flower crown is abysmal compared to the rest, but you smile through the disappointment. #mahalo #theluckychalms

THIS. IS. NATURE. #kauai

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