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Kelly Lamb  Artist that happens to also design

💥Today I’ll be showing my ceremonial Raku fire work💥@thestreetandtheshop come, collect, & celebrate💥

💥Last Nights Ceremonial Raku Firing💥where I burn objects and intentions with the work, transforming old energy into new💥it’s a great practice especially around the solstice💥I’ll be showing some of this work on Sunday @thestreetandtheshop
ASHES denote that fire was;
Respect the grayest pile
For the departed creature’s sake
That hovered there awhile.
Fire exists the first in light,

And then consolidates,—
Only the chemist can disclose
Into what carbonates.
✨Emily Dickinson✨
📸 @rhettmbaruch

✨Miami Basel anyone?✨ I’ll be there❣️I have these OG gold cluster beauties with @randcompanynyc @designmiami booth G11❣️ I am also working on two large public sculpture pieces (TBA)♥️ so come visit and say hello 💋@lala_magazine

♥️Daydreaming about my recent stay at @domaine_du_muy in France ♥️ #passion

Cluster Fuck Blk 🖤
#mercuryretrograde #blackfriday

♥️David Saltiel at the amazing @domaine_du_muy Sculpture Park in the south of France ♥️
@galerie_mitterrand @themoderninstitute

✨The start of something new✨glass eye✨ with @judsonstudios #thirdeye

Untitled, Lemons,💛is a sculpture I first showed as an indoor piece at @laxart ... the piece has now morphed into a larger outdoor public art concept...💛
Untitled, Lemons features a female hand holding a tower of lemons, a fruit used throughout the history of art and religion to symbolize purity, fidelity, and protection from evil, as well as bitterness and resentment. In this piece these seemingly opposed attributes are unified by the flow of water, evoking the continuum of ultimate and relative reality- positive and negative, heaven and earth.
The female hand alludes to the divine feminine, beauty, abundance, magic and artifice. Offering the fruit is a nod to both the temptation of Eve and the tricks of a fairy tale witch. Rooted in the earth, and emerging from a mirrored surface, the piece also becomes a kind of sundial, marking the passage of time through shadow and reflection. #divinefeminine

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💜My “Unchain” Chandelier, Pyramid table, Artemis Arm chairs, and Facet Ball ottoman💜 @Westedgedesign email or DM for more info 💜

💜My Chandelier Mobile💜in Plum & Brass💜such a neat colab with @judsonstudios making the custom glass discs that look like candy💜come by @westedgedesign tonight thru the weekend to check it out💜DM me for more info💜