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Kelly Lamb  Artist that happens to also design

I’m proud to say I’ve know these two for over 20 years @zestym @evansnyderman @randcompanynyc ... we even traveled the world as part of a glass blowing performance group called the B team⚡️so great to still have them in my life as friends and colleagues... thanks for all the💘... photo by the ever talented @jamiebushco @fogfair

Birthday Suit...💘
Last year was a year of personal and professional growth, for me and a lot of people I here’s to all the lumps&bumps&love that goes with pulling up a seat to the table and working hard to try to step into ones’s own life to the fullest💜Photo by the amazing @dianakoenigsberg 💜
I designed this chair after, Artemis, the Greek Goddess of hunting, wilderness, and wild animals. She is also the goddess of the moon and she represents the power of nature. When Artemis would hunt she would be accompanied by 20 nymphs and was joined by 60 more when she held ceremonial dances in the Forrest✨Let’s Dance✨
#artemis #artemisarmchair #birthdaysuit #capricorn #nymphs #nymphlife

💜Judy Chicago “Heaven is for white men only”, 1973💜 Chicago’s work blew me away💜especially her paintings💜she is refreshing, poignant, and revolutionary💜thank you for staying the course💜 #feminist #judychicago

✨I had a dream last night that I was swinging from a chain of lemons 🍋 and the sun and the moon were my platform✨ #cosmic #capricorn

Yesterday I went to see Matt Wedel’s show at @lalouver and was blown away💥if you haven’t seen his work run before it closes this weekend💥it is beautiful, smart, and his technical skill floored me💥for reference this piece is about 4ft tall, the lemon piece 5’, the large blue piece was almost 6’ tall💥I am inspired and humbled.💛Thank you @mattwedel your work took my breath away💛

💘when your flight is way too early in the morning but you look over and are getting mad LAX news stand Love💘
@lala_magazine 📸 @stewartshining @jenniferpiejko @sarahgharrelson @michaelreynoldsnyc @rollingstone #katemiddleton #trailblazerss

✨This One✨
#RakuRitual #HappyAccident

💥Today I’ll be showing my ceremonial Raku fire work💥@thestreetandtheshop come, collect, & celebrate💥

💥Last Nights Ceremonial Raku Firing💥where I burn objects and intentions with the work, transforming old energy into new💥it’s a great practice especially around the solstice💥I’ll be showing some of this work on Sunday @thestreetandtheshop
ASHES denote that fire was;
Respect the grayest pile
For the departed creature’s sake
That hovered there awhile.
Fire exists the first in light,

And then consolidates,—
Only the chemist can disclose
Into what carbonates.
✨Emily Dickinson✨
📸 @rhettmbaruch

✨Miami Basel anyone?✨ I’ll be there❣️I have these OG gold cluster beauties with @randcompanynyc @designmiami booth G11❣️ I am also working on two large public sculpture pieces (TBA)♥️ so come visit and say hello 💋@lala_magazine

♥️Daydreaming about my recent stay at @domaine_du_muy in France ♥️ #passion

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