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SPRING HAS SPRUNG 🌱🌻#cashmeousside #findyourfit

TIP FROM THE TEACHER: A lot of fitness classes these days start off with the teacher saying something along the lines of, "listen to your body." I feel the need to reiterate what this means to us as movement professionals. We have spent countless hours and years of training to deliver the best classes to you. A great teacher is able to teach to all levels of the class at the same time, meaning there is always a modification or advancement for everything! We want to make our classes fun, challenging, inviting and most importantly, SAFE‼️We strategically plan our classes for you to succeed (and not by means of forcing anything). When we say "listen to your body", we're not saying it because it's trendy and sets a "vibe". What we mean is, don't listen to your ego and don't do what the person next you is doing. We say it to build awareness & proprioception, fine tune, move with control, dig deeper and most importantly, we say it to be SAFE ‼️In order for you to progress, advance and see results, we all ask you to listen to your teacher and listen to your body. There's ALWAYS a modification. You can ALWAYS put the weights down. You can ALWAYS change your range of motion. You can ALWAYS stop. Just ask and listen 👂 Everyone is on their own wellness journey. Please honor yours. #pilatesforthepeople #classicalpilates #practicemakesprogress #listentoyourbody

On Wednesdays we wear blue. 💙 "Practice makes Progress" - our new muscle💪🏼tanks are in! #getyoursbeforetheyregone #nobutseriouslytheyrealmostgone #gangsallhere #pilatesladies #practicemakesprogress #classicalpilates #foxboro @studio_only

Day 9 #marchmatness2018 is the rocker with open legs. Second time rolling in the system, yet a bit harder than rolling like a ball with the longer lever of the legs. No moment. Just control.
#spinalmassage #pilatesforthepeople #openlegrocker #marchmatness #functionalmovement

Flood Hound

7 days

Even beyond the wedding, the past few months have been filled with a different kind of love. A love I knew existed, never had, and always wanted. Now that I have it, I'm a changed person.
Remi Boy- I'm talking about you. The popular hashtag #whosavedwho applies to every minute of everyday with you. Happy Birthday Pooch. (If it's even your real bday - we'll never know). #adoptdontshop #lasthopek9

Pleasantly reminded via time hop that two years ago exactly @jearl11 and I were blissfully taking in the #bigsur fresh air. A memorable trip, which plays deeply into our story. So much so, @thenightskyio became part of our wedding. ✨🌴🌲
#tbt #pch #treebonesresort #westcoastbestcoast

Hidden gems of the Blackstone River #platform9¾ #hikingwithdogs

Treat {love} yourself the way you do your pet. Be the person they think you are.

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