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K e l l y 🤓  Join me for the next meal & ticket deal 🥂✈️ Ivey Business School 📍Toronto (sometimes) EUR & Beijing: 02-06/2018 For you: ☕️💕 📩 insta.kellyhs@gmail.com

Paris, je t’aime

Lovely wine bar in Paris with wine tasting classes, day trips to Champagne, and Seine cruises ☺️ **It’s only legitimate Champagne if it was produced in the Champagne region of France** @o_chateau

Scroll for photos of food we had in Morocco 🥘 lots of couscous, skewers, street food, tangine (like a stew), and more😋 Big fan of their bread and pastries

Travelling: develops your ability to sleep on any bed, plane, bus, tent, public bench... public space... floor... anywhere

Happy Chinese New Year ✨🇨🇳 to those celebrating - hope you all have a blast with many red pockets and amazing food☺️

Selfie on our camels. Two nights of sleeping in ~zero degree temperature + a 25 hour roundtrip bus ride was worth it for the bonfire dances and this desert experience 🏜

Sunset in the Sahara

A night of performances and overflow of Moroccan food + mint tea (we already dug into the salads)

Found an orange 🙌🏻🍊 (re: prev post)

Where can I find an orange to pluck...

5 facts about me (thanks for the tags @jess0oo @foodelventures☺️):
1. Personal: turned 21 years old ~two and a half months ago
2. Travel: love visiting supermarkets in different countries and comparing them
3. Food/drinks: can afford to eat out because I don’t spend much on clothes/makeup 😅 #sales
4. Work: interned at an investment bank, will work in management consulting (major pet peeve: when people think girls on IG only take/model for photos)
5. Hobbies: used to play a lot of badminton and candy crush
Sorry for the delay - Wifi is hard to find atm 😔 (refer to stories). I tag anyone who still wants to do it!

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