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Day 277 | curves. I picked up this trio of cuties from the studio yesterday. #yearofcolorandform

Day 276 | distraction. Using paper to keep my creative muscles busy while slowly figuring out my mega clay collage. #yearofcolorandform

Day 275 | puzzling. First layer is glued in place. Now I’m trying to make it come to life. #yearofcolorandform #wip

Day 274 | let go. Whenever I’ve spent a few days working with one medium, I find myself craving another. So today I got my paper out and did a quick exercise that usually helps me loosen up: 1/ get a handful of scraps or cut out some paper forms. 2/ gather the scraps and drop them on a sheet of paper. 3/ use this as a starting point for a collage. #yearofcolorandform

Day 273 | trimming day. Today in the studio felt more anxious than relaxing, but I still managed to get these ladies ready for bisque fire. #yearofcolorandform #reallife

Day 272 | plantlife. Picked out a new plant for this pot I made a while back. #yearofcolorandform

Day 271 | scale. Just a little experimenting with a large canvas... we’ll see if these puppies get glued down. #yearofcolorandform

Day 270 | handbuilt arc. I spent the day yesterday making all sorts of dimensional forms. This was the last of the day and is built by winding coils, so it’s hollow inside. I’ll go back and trim it soon so it’s a little less wobbly, but it was fun to do something that I haven’t done in a while. #yearofcolorandform

Day 269 | why make sense? Yesterday I had a breakthrough (I think). As you know, I make a lot of ceramics. 😬 I’m at the point where I want to practice and make more things, but I don’t necessarily want to keep making vases or mugs or pencil holders. So I let go of trying to make something functional (which these were originally suppose to be) and began thinking of them as sculptural. This allowed me loosen up and see past the wobbliness and imperfections—and actually embrace those things. Anywho, I think it’s going to lead to something exciting, but we’ll see. #yearofcolorandform #experiments

Day 268 | collage pieces. I’ve been trying to narrow in on my glaze palette—there are so many choices not to mention that different clay bodies can totally change the color. So here are some of my latest experiments—there are a few winners in here I think. #yearofcolorandform

Day 267 | yellow vase with spring flowers. #yearofcolorandform


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