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  Don't aim to make people listen, aim to make people think. 1 9 9 7⚡️P E R T H 📍

Four consecutive photos of me standing in random spots throughout NSW

Happy splendour day 1, should not have drunk so much last night..

cheers to this sick trip

In the bin

Such an interesting read 🤘🏻

legally blind

fun fact: I've always wanted to design a pyjama/loungewear line, because comfort X fashun is the best type of clothing

Inferior design

Happy fkn birthday you babe love you

there's something so interesting to me about the power of human attraction. Why do we like some people more subconsciously? Why does our mind make pre conceived decisions about people, before we actually have time to properly think about it? How does reason sometimes fly out the window because our mind constantly thinks of someone..?

50 cents private stripper

shoutout to all the people currently living with mental illnesses. You're strong, powerful, and only at the beginning of what will be a crazy and exciting life. Don't forget it 👍🏻♥️

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