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Kelly  "God was on some shit when he made you" Art by me:

The smallest changes make the biggest difference

Working on being more courageous so here's a selfie I kept hiding in my camera roll. Fearless is the goal! Sharing more art is the result.

Green means we're happy 💚@gracieparkk

We are damsels in distress, saving ourselves before any man can.

I wanted to post this one with the other one but didnt wanna flood everyone's timelines with selfies so I waited a week or so. #hi #fyi #guys I'm not in a position to date anyone so stop asking. You'd know if I wanted you.

Decided to stay in and have a creative photoshoot with some whiskey and lingerie

This is where I am most of my days

Dear diary, I'm sticking of sweat and tired of the heat. I'm tired of this summer. I'm in need of change. I need to dip my body in a completely new body of water and come up fresh as fuck. I wish I could live in this painting.

Needed a view from a new perspective so I put her in my bed to see if I could fuck with her.
#painting #art #wip

I painted her a while ago and then covered her up because something didnt feel right. Now I'm missing her. I love that. Looking at my paintings as perceptions of my life. It's not like I can just cover up the canvas that is me and start over. There are layers to every person, just as there are layers to art. #painting #art

I always dream about this coastline.
Where the sky meets water and the horizon extends beyond your eye. Where euphoric happiness is reachable and familiar. Where it feels like no matter where the story goes I’ll always feel safe. Standing in a transition between the earth and the ocean.
It’s funny I saw this sunset tonight because it feels like the only time I see this place is when I dream. And dreams are just projections of our thoughts, right? They don’t make sense, they aren’t real. Yet for the first time in the longest time I saw past that perception. That dreams are only impossible if you see it that way. That the only thing standing between this coastline of earth or ocean, real or fake, perception or reality… is me. If this isn't a spiritual awakening idk what is. #nofilter

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