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Kelly  Do I create this or does this create me?

Unapologetically me.

I painted her a while ago and then covered her up because something didnt feel right. Now I'm missing her. I love that. Looking at my paintings as perceptions of my life. It's not like I can just cover up the canvas that is me and start over. There are layers to every person, just as there are layers to art. #painting #art

Thank u for making my 4th cute as hell becuz that's what you are 😍

I always dream about this coastline.
Where the sky meets water and the horizon extends beyond your eye. Where euphoric happiness is reachable and familiar. Where it feels like no matter where the story goes I’ll always feel safe. Standing in a transition between the earth and the ocean.
It’s funny I saw this sunset tonight because it feels like the only time I see this place is when I dream. And dreams are just projections of our thoughts, right? They don’t make sense, they aren’t real. Yet for the first time in the longest time I saw past that perception. That dreams are only impossible if you see it that way. That the only thing standing between this coastline of earth or ocean, real or fake, perception or reality… is me. If this isn't a spiritual awakening idk what is. #nofilter

My skin is imperfect so I smooth it. My hair is dead so I cut it. My face has acne so I cover it. Everything is not what it seems so my new name is laurel. #Lol

Sketchy girls with wanting eyes

#drawing #doodle #art #sketch #girls

This is my favorite type of sky

If I could paint exactly what I'm feeling right now:
#painting #art #artist #drawing #spring

I hate/love writing captions. Sometimes I have a lot of profound shit to express, and sometimes... I just wanna upload a selfie.

♡ I finally feel free. Open and confident. Gorgeous and smart. Here's why. For 3 years I’ve been getting my master’s in communication, and that includes writing this thesis. ♡ For so long I was stuck. Confused. Depressed. Anxious. About everything. This lifestyle seems to be the norm now. Why do I put so much effort on self-deprecating behaviors rather furthering my motivations into empowering actions? “What the fuck is wrong with me?” ♡ It took me a while to realize that the answers to my self-image problems were sitting in the palm of my hands. I had the grad school research right there, I had the power to put my questions into a theoretical pattern of thinking about media and make it into my motherfucking homework. To overcome my toxic relationship with Instagram I was going to have to envelope myself in an experience that emulated a self/social experiment. ♡ The hardest part of putting yourself out there is realizing that you’re not perfect. That just because everyone else’s lives seem picture perfect, that’s not the reality, everyone is flawed. The pressure to create perfect content and be my best self. Well the reality is I’m not fucking perfect. I’m trying my damn best to enjoy life as I put together the pieces in an arrangement that makes sense. ♡ Once realizing that I felt a deeper love for myself, my face, the curves that make up me. I could relate to others through a deeper connection to the things that made us the same rather than appear different. It’s made me open my brain to better communicate with the world around me. ♡ The time is now. To start questioning the way we communicate with ourselves and others. It was through reading, writing, reflecting, and connecting my thoughts/research together to truly understand how each individual’s perspective can impact their influence in society. ♡ As women in today’s culture we are constantly put on trial for our sexuality. So instead of scrolling thru this selfie and thinking “oh damn” read this post. Process this message. I’m not a slut for posting a picture in my underwear. I am a fucking goddess, an artist, and I have A VOICE. And so do you. 😀
#art #internationalwomensday #selfie

As artists we live our lives through the eyes of our muses. What we think people think about our art. I’ve been missing the ingredient for the blood that makes my heart beat through this painting. It’s how I feel about the human body. It’s that my world is composed of strong traditional structural systems of space, and in the center I compose myself, a projected product of society. I’m surrounded by a ground that was built before me coexisting as I build my own world around it. My perception of self is therefore mimicked by the elements among it, exposing it’s natural honest body, a Venus of knowledge, and a beacon of answers.
Inside all of us is an inner god waiting for the right moment to give you inspiration, you just have to paint the right vision to see it.
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