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Kelly | The Bee’s Knees  Founder of The Bee’s Knees The Extraordinary Ordinary (& other funny stories) ✨#SpreadHappinessLikeHoney Raising funds for Huntington’s Disease

The Bee’s Knees International ‘Spark of Light’ this November. .
Next month I want you to #SpreadHappinessLikeHoney in a collective moment of light. On the eve of November 5th, I’m asking you to light a sparkler and focus on “something good”. From a simple moment of gratitude to visualising a big idea you have, focus on the sparks of light that fall when you channel that positivity. Capture it, share it and #SpreadHappinessLikeHoney causing ripples of positivity for all who see. I can’t wait to see how you use your moment! #SpreadHappinessLikeHoney #TheBeesKnees .
(Side note: This is not me today. I look like a cross between Hoggle and Frodo Baggins at this present moment)

It would seem I’ve come down with the plague in the night meaning cancelling my dance classes (something I’ve done less than a handful of times in 10 years). We are due to go for a mini break tomorrow with the kids for a pals 40th and I’m gutted. The plague is a 24 hour thing right? 🤷‍♀️
Totally unrelated photo of my man person holding the baby. For no person in particular 🤨 He rocks a carrier like it’s the diet coke advert too @thepiersmorgan #mumporn #wedigitpiers

I don’t think I can explain the excitement levels knowing that in just 17 days time I will be sat in this very pub, sipping a glass of red surrounded by 21 other women on The Bee’s Knee’s retreat. It’s a whole weekend of girl time! Bike riding, spa treatments, yoga, meditation, floristry and the yummiest food. Me and @feathering_the_empty_nest have already made plans to ditch our phones and I for one can’t wait to spend time with everyone and soak up all the goodness @daylesfordfarm has to offer. @rebeccas_rose_tinted has been busy printing off itineraries and we are meeting tomorrow to make final plans. .
Tickets for my glamping retreat in May 2019 are out in just 2 weeks and Daylesford 2019 tickets out in the new year ✨ #thebeesknees #girlsweekendaway

After what has felt like a long wait, tonight, my episode of ‘Soul Tears’ airs where I talk about my family and our experience of Huntington’s disease
It goes without saying that the experience was bittersweet. I’d give anything to have no story to tell and my mum and our family to not have endured what we have, but if I’d have known at just 18 years old that whilst I was about to witness losing Mum over a 15+ year span, that I wasn’t alone, or that it didn’t need to feel such a silent cry for some understanding, perhaps it would have made things a little easier. Perhaps if Mum had known she wasn’t alone when her mum had HD things would have been easier on her too. .
I am far from through my journey with grief. I’ve barely begun. But it is there. And if talking and sharing what we have experienced helps just one family feel like someone hears their plea to be heard, then for me, that’ll be enough. Thank you to everyone for their kind words this week. I’m a nervous wreck, I have the gin ready to go, but I am also eternally grateful for the opportunity to share our story. Thank you .
Tune in 7.30pm tonight. Sky Channel 582, Freeview 65, Live Streaming and Catch Up also available #curehd #NextGENEration #hdawareness

Put your hands up in the air if you had yourself a little party last night 🙃🤨 On the hour. Every hour! Happy Monday!

There are some things that never go out of style, like good tea making skills, holding the door open for people and utility jackets 🙌 It’s been such a treat to partner with @VeryUK and share my style with you. I’m a big fan of a versatile item (that’s code for ‘I’m so lazy I need it to go with everything).💁‍♀️😏 I like to be able to wear it in, out and ‘out out’, which is why I’m sharing 3 must haves for autumn that are easy to style for all occasions that will make you feel great (Not to mention how affordable they are). My motto is ‘If it’s not comfy, I’m not interested’ ✌️More pics via the link in my stories 😘 #beeskneesstyle #ad

If that’s not a ‘Bee’s Knees’ moment, I don’t know what is. Something incredibly magical happened today and just as I thanked the world for it I drove past this 🌄 Call it what you want, but there is magic for those who look #thebeesknees #sunsetofdreams

In aid of tomorrow’s #WorldMentalHeathDay I am sharing this ☝️
This is me, 2013 cutting the ribbon to my brand new dance studio that had just undergone a 3 week intense renovation. .
The outside? A woman opening the doors on a huge success with 100’s watching, cheering, clapping and waiting to get inside. .
The inside? A woman about to lose her home, sleeping on her parent’s sofa amongst the throws of a mother suffering at the hands of Huntington’s disease, not knowing if it were her own fate, broke and in the thick of early marriage separation. Anxiety riddled, feeling a failure and wondering what on earth the future held. .
Why am I sharing this? Because mental health isn’t always sitting indoors and shutting the world away. Sometimes it looks like success. This is in no way a ‘woe is me’ post. Mental health struggles are all around us. They ebb and flow in and out of many of our lives at different times, and are part of humanity. .
I don’t know much, but all I know for sure is that we aren’t supposed to cruise our way through life, and we aren’t expected to crack any secret codes. They don’t exist. There are no missing directions on the map we hold. We haven’t failed to attend any golden lessons about life at school. These things are part of life. Sometimes they are truly sh*t, and there’s no sugar coating it, but we are not alone and we are not failures. We also aren’t required to know the answers. Not knowing is part of the exploration and growth into ourselves and what we love and need to be happiest, in spite of all the rest. In my experience, more often than not, the best thing we can do is accept. Succumb to the place we are at and build small steps that work for us to make us feel a bit better. A system designed by us, for us. Sometimes that’s with guidance from others, and those people can serve to hold our hand when we need them. But ultimately, freeing ourselves from the GREAT EXPECTATION is the most empowering act we can take, and that’s what I’ve learnt. I laugh and joke all the time on here, but ultimately it is my goal to help people feel more content, by freeing themselves of expectation. I hope you can free yourself today ✌️🐝

There are some days where less gets done, lists get longer and time disappears. But I’m slowly learning that ignoring those things and remembering you can’t do it all has the power to make those days, days of achievement in every sense of the word. You can’t do all of the things all of the time. There is no rush. Take a break ✨

There are some old fashioned things that are hard to beat. Sunshine and fresh air are two of them. I am loving your outdoor pictures today. Together we are spreading good vibes one little day at a time guys to make our world a happier place 🌎#SpreadHappinessLikeHoney ~ “The Bee’s Knees International Get Outdoors Day”

Today I talked about Huntington’s disease during the festive season for a Christmas special of #soultears with @zoeadelle. I also posed on a set that was not for playing on as Veronica Corningstone with my very own Ron Burgundy 👩‍💼👨🏽‍💻and had a lengthy conversation with @mr_thebeesknees about how he is officially going to change his name by deed poll because he’s done with the name Kevin 🤷‍♀️ (I’m not kidding). Huntington’s disease is a really tough part of our lives and something we will passionately campaign for until there is a cure, it means so much to me to share Mum’s story, but life has taught me one really important thing, and that is to not let it define us as a family. Mum is so much more than the disease will ever be and therefore so are we and that is our super power ✨ #hdawareness #livingwithgrief #NextGENEration

✨ COMPETITION CLOSED ✨@fiorelli_bags are celebrating their 30th birthday this month and to celebrate we have collaborated to give away their Mia bag along with a brand new Bee’s Knees Journal. One of the new features of this years journal is a monthly random act of loving kindness, so I’d like you to nominate someone you think would really love to win this, for whatever reason. Let’s #SpreadHappinessLikeHoney! .
To enter: Follow @fiorelli_bags Comment using the hastag #FiorelliFor with the name of the person it’s for and why.
The winner will be selected at random 9pm Sunday evening. The team have also provided us with an exclusive 30% discount code until then using KELLY30. So if you nominate a friend and then want in on the action, you can get involved too 😘 GOOD LUCK

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