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Happiness Retreats & Journals  🕺Kelly Terranova 🌳Wiltshire ✌️Bringer of good vibes ✨Had a pretty tricky time, learnt about happiness, sharing it with you Grab a journal here 👇

I’ve just been alerted to the fact that it’s 2 years since I started my Instagram account. That’s means 2 years since I started to crawl my way out of the blackest, muddiest hole I’d ever been in and made a decision to share my story with anyone and everyone that wanted to listen. What started as fitness and wellbeing for me completely changed my life and Instagram gave me a platform to share how I’d coped with such a frightening situation. I remember this moment so poignantly. I felt for the first time in a long time what it felt like for the world to give me life. Rather than floating somewhere above it, absent, distant and often numb (or sinking beneath it consumed by the illness that sat upon my shoulders) I was, for the very first time, here. Feet firmly embedded into the ground, present and open to whatever life had planned for me. It was after this moment I designed the journal. It took me 6 weeks. I didn’t know if I had Huntington’s Disease or not at this point. I was still 50% at risk and very much in the mindset that I did carry the gene. But I’d meditated almost everyday for 4 months and felt bigger than the beast itself. In that moment, I truly was, on top of the world and it felt absolutely incredible. Being a new mum, I have days, weeks of floating and losing the present moment. But I know it will pass. I know it will be ok. Don’t ever give up on finding the strength you have inside of you to make it through. The human spirit is incredibly powerful, if you listen to her, she knows what you need to make it through anything. You really have got this beautiful #WHP🌲 #thebeesknees

I’m just a girl who wants to eat all the cake and still be able to don a bikini, is that really too much to ask? Presenting the platter devoured on Friday after moaning nothing in my wardrobe fitted me 🤷‍♀️ What ya gunna do? Instagram has been my best friend and my worst enemy as a new mum and a long time ago I used to just follow who I thought I should follow. But investing a little time in stories and squares I’ve discovered my ‘home team’. The ones who make this a great place to be. So I shared all the cake with a few of them Friday. (Kinda had to share seeing as @lauras_travellingteapot actually made them!) If you’re into genuine folk, these guys are the one ✌️ @alice_in_mumderland @blissfully_winging_it @victoriashome_and_art @lauras_travellingteapot .
Any genuine Ginuwine’s you like the most? Who in these squares gives you life?

Swing life ✌️ Currently our best life. This weeks hashtag project is ‘Slow mo-ments’. Ever have those moments where the jigsaw pieces just fit for a second and you want the world to slow down and just stay there for a while before you have to run around and do what needs to be done? I feel like my life is a constant series of that. This week, this was the spot I wanted to stop time. Even Eddi was on board. Just bring me Bernard’s Watch and leave us be (child of the 90’s). Can’t wait to see your entries. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #tbk_thatcontentfeeling. Have a great weekend gang 🕺(ps the video sounds like the swing is going to break with me on it 🤣) #soundoff

In celebration of the launch of ‘The Bee’s Knees Retreats’ in just 10 days time (bugger there’s a lot to do) 🤣 I am giving you 10% off the journal for 10 days. Fill your boots. Up your gratitude 😘 You’re welcome 🕺 (£1 from every sale to @ucl ’s Huntington’s Disease Research) Use code ‘RETREATYOURSELF’ #thebeesknees #journallife

9 months in and 9 months out. If you don’t get the paddling pool out as soon as the sun shines are you even British? Spent a good few weeks basking in this bad boy before Fred made his entrance to the world. It’s bloody flown by (except at night time. That sh*t be loooooong) ps. That’s a makeshift hose from tarpaulin. Yep we are those people. #myhappyfred #webloodymadeitkid

The Importance of Being Idle- (because everything works again if you unplug it for a while, including you). .
I’ve done a little write up about our lovely weekend away courtesy of the lovely Ceri @jackfield_mill_holiday_let and @moddershalloaks . This spa has a very unique feel that changes the whole spa experience and makes it one to remember. My second time there and it won’t be the last. It seems lots of you got married here so perhaps I might have to twist Mr Bee’s Knees arm and have a wedding after all. What do you think? Link in bio 👆#thatsthebeesknees #tbk_thatcontentfeeling #gifted #thankyouverymuch

I can not tell you how excited I am to pick this one up in an hour ❤️ A totally refreshing, much needed break away, but I am now so looking forward to getting back to the day job. @cerihads__83 @moddershalloaks ... thank you, thank you, thank you. That is all ✌️#gratefulgary #sometimesIhavetoblinktwicetochecklifeisreal

It’s Saturday which means it’s time to announce this weeks hashtag project #tbk_thatcontentfeeling. Something I think I can say we are all craving right now... sunshine. I don’t know about you, but the sunshine gives me life 🙌 I drink up the rays like it’s charging my batteries and feel 100 times better. It looks like we might finally be getting some brighter weather next week so what better focus than that? Capture that content feeling, be creative, have fun and don’t forget to add the hashtag #tbk_thatcontentfeeling so I can share the most inspiring posts this week. Happy Saturday gang ✌️☀️

That’s a wrap (see what I did there?) 🤣 At least I think I’m funny hey? 🤷‍♀️ All journals on their way to their new homes and we are off on holiday for a few days. I miss Freddie already. Keep us posted Auntie Emma and Uncle Chris @emma_terry14 emma_terry14 .
Have a great weekend all ✌️#thebeesknees

I know Instagram is the perfect place to take the perfect photo of parenthood and pretend it’s easy, but over here in my house, when we are not sleeping a storm is definitely brewing. It’s just a shame it’s raining swear words over here and not zzz’s. Even the dog is longingly waiting. One day I’ll fill in my journal and will be able to write ‘8 hours’ where it says ‘Sleep’. For now, we’ll just keep swearing our way through the night, swiftly followed by a morning kiss and a ‘no hard feelings I love you’ each day before Kev heads off to work. How did you get your kids to sleep through? I need a magic spell! #thebeesknees #itaintallsleepbutsleepwouldbegood

We’ve talked a lot about tea this week, a national ‘go to’ when the chips are down. But what do ‘you’ do as an individual? What’s your pick me up? I’m a Gary Glasshalffull and tend to turn to song and dance myself (especially now I have an 8 month old who applauds my performances). It’s easy to feel like a silly sausage when you’ve beared all like I did today on stories. The moment passes and you’re back in the room and can easily think ‘Donut! Why did you let people see?’ but if we only show the perfect stuff how is that sharing life and what it is to be happy? I’ve always been proud of my no frills, life as it is approach to happiness and the more I share the more I’m ok with telling the truth. Truth is, life ebbs and flows from elation to deflation, sorrow and joy. But the more you feel pain, the more understanding of life you gain, and in the end I’ve found it only serves to bring me happiness of the most content kind, because I embrace life for what it is, and not what it’s meant to be and learn to say life, you know what? This is me ❤️🕺#contentedlife #thebeesknees .
Thanks to @our1930sfixerupper for having me this week on Tunage Tuesday #allthatisinstagram

It’s very quiet at home this morning. Back to normality with just me and my shadow #happymondays #aquietmoment

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