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➵ Kelly Rowlands ☾  driven by the wildest passion to create // embracing earthliness | creator of @wild_thorn_designs☾△

gently roaming
slumbered under golden tones
of the honeyed noon // moved by #naturessplendor

stitching, binding, tying, dyeing & coffee // what the mornings of a maker consist of.
In the process of creating expressive scatter cushions @wild_thorn_designs .
#materialexploration #hemp #stitching #wildthorndesign #creativemornings #creativeentrepeneur #immyownboss

current mood // need to defrost ....

& then she decided to dance with her soul,
embracing the depths of her feminine nature // this is your day warrior women! .
#embracingfemininity #womansday #ownit #beginnerdragon #myversion #movementismedicine #danceisfreedom #movewithgrace

I dedicate my time to creativity in many aspects of my life. Tapping into the source of the creative muse is a means for my expression. It gives me purpose and motivation to generate a life that I am comfortable with... Through this exploration I have come to the realization that I have been subconsciously separating myself from my abilities by channeling my works and processes into a alter ego- my second self aka @wild_thorn_designs .
It’s tough when we get stuck in this constrictive way of thinking, hindering us from discovering our true passions and higher selves...

So, from today I claim and honour this wanderous path I’m on. I’m a creator, a maker and an creative entrepreneur.

My aim is to share my work and creative expressions and unite this wild and prickly and wonderful journey as one. This is my story... ————— .

#creativemuse #expression #higherself #unfuckyourself #wildsoulcreativity #wildsoulmovement

golden hour bathing // nooks in Clannies 🌻 #wildsoulmovement #sunset_vision

Sun kissed and fluid // to embracing cold water immersion’s and gliding on the surface of liquid matter 🌀

filled with gratitude and feeling the afterglow //cheers to a magical sunset embrace on my Earthday with these darlings 🖤

dancing in the dusk //#naturenourishnurture

Lions head with the hound 💙 // #dogsonadventures #tailtrail

naturaldelic habitation // disconnect to reconnect

feeling the powerful surge of the full moon 🌕
Today I shed self imposed limitations.
Today I let go of attachment.
I am no longer bound to an distorted idea of having to appear in a certain way to “fit-in”. I am who I am and no other body
can define me.
I now openly accept change in my life.
Remember divine being, you are NOT DEFINED by: • your physical appearance • your past, nor are you bound to the person who you have been in the past • & you are not defined by other beings judgement(s). This can never be said enough... A human being cannot be fit into a category. Be who you want to become for you are sacred, you are love and light!✨ It is time to cut yourself some slack, start to reclaim yourself , #reclaimyourpower & #reclaimyourmind!

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