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Kel  10 yr old Bull Terrier Girl. D.O.B 16th November 2006 Gloucester

Help me please mum! #bullie #bullterrier #tribullie

This is all she's been doing lately.... just sitting at other end of sofa and staring at me, but won't come sit next to me!

I don't mind her laying next to me... but when she takes ALL the room and leaves me with only enough room for one #buttcheek

This is my daily battle!

Mum thinking she's funny! #bullie #bullterrier #tribullie swipe 👈

This can't be true! Can it?! 🤔

Her 4 year old has her own life, time apart is good.... wtaf! You're her life!! #Repost @dizzle_saint_james (@get_repost)
@thenewsclan is this you as a future mom? (#rp and follow my beb @thenewsclan 💕)

When #himindoors @mark.wood100 sends you a WhatsApp of what his 'breakroom' looks like #btexchange and it makes you giggle... you know he's a keeper! 20 weeks till he's lucky enough to marry me 🤗 #watchitall

Twats! Do one!

I love this new sofa mum.... I just can't seem to get comfy 🤗

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