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With every breath, give thanks.
Remembering a year ago today was my mom's funeral but really it was a celebration of her life. And it was a day filled with so much LOVE that I can still feel. And I am grateful.

my tomato 🍅 seedlings are starting to sprout their first set of true leaves which is always an exciting time for this 👩🏻‍🌾 planting seeds and watching them grow inside my home while snow blankets the ground is a reminder that nothing stays the same, time keeps moving and spring always comes again. it's hope and belief in life and joy in watching things grow. oh and my food and medicine. #mybackyardgarden #growyourown

easy like a sunday morning 💛☀️#jasperandwally #wallyandjasper

outtakes are often the best picture taken. and if you ever wonder who the hell is fighting for clean water which we all need and enjoy, well look no further; it's us. (and obviously an army of many other people)

Sunday afternoon, a little after we finished walking up 94 flights of stairs in 21mins 40seconds. it was a hard hustle this year, emotionally. My normal cheerful self, talking and cheering others on in the stairwell wasn't there. but I had the best teammates and am so glad we climbed again this year, a very different year. it's good to do hard things. and at the top, the sun was shinning and the hugs were plentiful. thanks @thereses.pieces for doing this with me every year. thank you @rmcginnis for being my team. #teamdianaandginny #whyihustle #hustleupthehancock

Today is the fourth time I will be doing the Hustle Up the Hancock. The picture is from three years ago, the first time I participated with @thereses.pieces and my mom waited for is at the top. It feels so sad to be doing it this year knowing my mom won't be waiting at the top or at home like last year and that Ryan's mom isn't here either but somewhere inside I am glad I am still climbing. so here's to today, climbing 94 flights of stairs for the women I loved with all my heart. #whyihustle

this weekend we picked up this old totem pole my mom bought in the late 80's or early 90's and kept most recently outside her house. Ryan sawed off some rotted wood at the base and with a bit of wood putty we were able to make it almost as good as new. and then we got to work and painted this beauty the rest of the weekend and now she lives in our home. absolutely in love with how this turned out! #totempole

that day we hiked to an oasis filled with palm trees in the middle of the mountainous desert, to the top of ryan mountain, through cactus gardens and boulder fields capped off with sunset viewing from this spot. it was a damn good day 🌵✨ #joshuatree

spending this saturday morning taking inventory of my seeds and thumbing through catalogs picking out a few new things to try. I cannot wait to start some seeds in just a few short weeks! #growyourown #mybackyardgarden

the adventures of bub and kiddo #queenofthecactus #snakecharmer

the sunset played show off tonight #hallofhorrors #joshuatree

spent my birthday yesterday flying to lax and then driving to the desert 🌵 arrived in time to get to the national park for a walk + beer at sunset. it was a little bit of alright ✨ #joshuatree #desertmagic

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