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Kellie Coleman  My kids are #1 in my life. Completely in love with my fiancé Amanda 💍👭 ❤️💛💚💙💜

Last nights dinner was awesome! Spinach and artichoke dip stuffed inside boneless and skinless chicken breast sautéed on both side in a frying pan then baked covered in the oven cooked on a low temp slowly with seasoned and roasted potatoes, and green beans on the side 👌🏻 I love trying new recipes and I'm so glad it came out as good as it did! #spinachandartichokedip #chickenbreast #roastedpotatoes #greenbeans #chickenbreastrecipe #spinachandartichokedipstuffedchicken

Jalie's party was a huge hit! Lots of friends and family but mostly fun!! Everyone came together and made the day special for jalie. The treats were amazing!!! Amanda and I have decided to go with some awesome treat makers for our wedding that were part of yesterday. Thank you everyone who helped in any type of way! It was a mer-mazing day!

The cookies that will be at Jalies party today!! The mermaid was made to have jalies skin and hair color, I love it!!! Thank you to @lacookienerd check her out even though she's taking a break for a bit she will be back up and running one day. #underthesea #mermaidparty

Oh My Gosh!! The cupcakes that will be at Jalie's party today look amazing!!! Please follow Amanda's friend and her sisters' page on Instagram. They are awesome. Thank you ladies so much! Follow @_sweettoothcupcakes #mermaidcupcakes #underthesea #mermaidparty

I have to send a shout out to @cedesdomynailz she legit rescued me and gave me nails that are 100 times better than what I had. Thank you to her for putting me in her busy schedule. I know I would have never been in that nasty situation if I was able to go to my usual nail tech. But she had to deal with a huge loss in her life and I completely understand. My condolences to you again on your father passing @suga_nails I love you girl, friends first customer second.

I asked for something like the first two pictures.. but I got the 3rd pic and the video at the end 😩😩 so upset! I want them off.. I wanted them to match my daughters mermaid/under the sea party on Saturday. Now looks like I'll be getting a plain color.. #LegitHadAPanicAttack #iHateThem

I love cooking yummy food! I thought dinner came out awesome!! Tomorrow night is chicken and broccoli alfredo stuffed shells!

Yup! I did that!

Dinner was pepper jack cheese, bacon, and avocado egg rolls with sticky rice and beef & broccoli. #eggrolls #bacon #pepperjackcheese #avacado #stickyrice #beefandbroccoli

My cousins Jason and Sunnie's wedding yesterday July 1, 2017. It was so them in every way and it came out awesome. Sunnie did a great job! Congratulations you two! I love how you included all of your kids from your previous marriages and your son you have together. My little cousin Hunter has an amazing mom now that actually loves and takes awesome care of him. ❤️❤️

Three years and two months ago today I heard those words.. do you want to be my girl? Come out your mouth while we laid in each other's arms on the couch. I will never regret saying yes. You have loved me and stuck by me through some craziness! We aren't perfect but we get through anything life throws at us. I know I am willing to fight for us till my last breath if anything was to come in our way. Im very much in love with you baby girl, to infinity and beyond. I say I do in 9 months 3 weeks 6 days and some hours ❤️

Mexican food night at our house! #tostadas #mexicancorn #elote

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