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I seriously can't get enough of these Labron/Lakers memes! #foreverlakerhater

I can't stop crying.... Sure I'm gonna miss her, and surely there will be a ton of anxiety from not having contact with her. But that isn't why I cry. I'm overwhelmed with tears of joy. This moment in parenting is truly one of my most proudest. I'm so proud that Celeste knows God in a way where she pursues Him and wholeheartedly wants to serve Him. This moment as a mother really makes me feel like I've done it! And as much as I could take credit for all this, I can't because it's all God! He has done all of this. He saught me out and called me back into the church, He placed it on my heart to send Celeste to this school, he's worked in Celeste's heart and has called her to serve! I have never been so grateful for the works of Him! All the glory and praise hands to God! πŸ™Œ Please join me in praying for her, her team, and all people she comes into contact with during her trip! ❀️

Over the past 4 days I took on the role of taking care of my Pop for a few days. Honestly, at 1st I was reluctant to take on that responsibility because I see how much work it takes my mom. I already have a crazy busy life and my time is limited. Then in that moment, in that thought of "time being limited" I knew that I can't waste that time. My Pop is 91 and I do see him often but I can't waste time and miss out on an opportunity to spend time with him. To serve him. To serve my mom and give her a break. To give back for all the time my Pop has given for me. To make memories while we still can, because, after all, his time is just as limited. These past 4 days have been so life giving. My Pop, although his memory is fading, was so very pleasant and a joy to be around. We slowed down and our time was so rich. My village came together to help and it was such a reminder of the importance of serving one another.
**Memories I want to remember from these past four days.
1.Tucking him into bed at night following a stick regimen of pm pills, vicks, breathe right strips, constant airflow and the door stop.πŸ˜…
2. Kodi pushing him in his wheel chair.
3. Pop being beyond grateful for me and constantly saying how gracious he is.
4.His love for the homemade ice-cream I made.
5. Us watching MSNBC, and laughing at the reporters. (what is the smell in Singapore?🀣)
6. Watching my kids find joy in taking care of Pop , except when Dom fell asleep leaving Kodi and Pop alone to figure each other out😲
7. Him saying his prayers every night.❀️
#time #everyoneisonlimitedtime #donotwasteit #ittakesavillage #serveoneanother

In 10 short weeks this young one and her team will travel to South Africa for an awesome service project. She will be there for just under 1 month. I am beyond proud of how she has pursued God in this past year. Watching her grow and thrive has completely filled my heart. I just want to say thank you to all of you who have prayed, supported her and donated to her fund. I'm so appreciative and I know that Celeste is also very grateful! If you didn't get a chance to donate and would like to, tomorrow is the final day. Please continue to pray for her as she preps for such an important moment. Thanks friends. #HEisgood #serveothers #sheinspiresme #thankyoujesus #lanceup #prayersplease
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15 Y E A R S
Happy Birthday Day

When I was 19 I was learning how to be a mom (still am)
Her path at 19 looks much different than mine. When she was born I was 19 and now she is 19. That concept is so wild to me. What's even more wild is God's redemption! It's so real and apparent in these 19 years. 19 years old for me felt, scary, defeated, lost, among many other feelings. 19 years later, I have her. These 19 years have taught me SO MUCH! My proud meter is overflowing from the path that she is on. Happy 19th Birthday @celesteeloves
Here's to 19!
#redemption #nineteen #proud

The anxiety is real! @vikings @_dominicramirez_ #SKOL #BringItHome

From the moment she decide to attend CBU, I knew she would want to participate in ISP (International Service Projects) As they talked about it during orientation, I felt something stirring inside of me. I knew 100% that she would want to do this and for me, as her mom, I was SO proud but I had a lot of fear. Nerves of her going to a foreign country, fear of how are we going to be able to afford this, worried about so many things, also wishing I had never watched that dang movie "Taken" before. She is set on this and nothing will hold her back.
. "Over the past couple of months I have felt called to go and spread love across this broken world. I wanted to be able to share my own happiness and positivity that I have through my relationship with God with others around the world who might not even know who God is. With the many recent heartbreaking events happening around the world including here in the states, God put it on my heart to take action" @celesteeloves
. .
Please come along side us as Celeste prepares to serve in South Africa this coming summer. You can show your support by praying for her, her leaders, her team and the ones she will be serving. Financial support is also welcomed and greatly appreciated. Prayfully consider donating to her fund. Link in bio.

"Hold on tight a little longer, what don't kill you, makes you stronger, get back up cause it's a Hard Love"
Never disappoints!
Thanks @the_big_aram

"Come tomorrow, I'm hitting the lettuce hard" @michelleultra 🀣

My heart is just exploding with gratitude and fullness! Someone, or some Elf I should say, dropped this off on my doorstep. The words, "You are seen" just get to me. I am so appreciative that I am thought of like this. THIS. IS. CHRISTMAS.

Something so special about this Gem right here! Love her and miss her. Stoked that I got to have breakfast with her this morning. So grateful for this friendship!

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