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Kelli_knecht  T1 diabadass, wife and momma, LDS Christian Stronger b/c of 👇🏻 T1D+depression+anxiety+hypothyroid+PCOS

It’s Tuesday ya’ll! And as I was thinking of something I could share to get ya feeling empowered I was reminded of a quote that @thechrisdowning shared with us when he came to Utah👇🏻
“The struggle is real BUT the hustle is deep”
I wrote that down immediately cuz I thought danggggg isn’t that the truth?! The struggle is ALWAYS real (that’s freakin life) but how many of us are out their hustling every dang day to make it happen?! —————————————————-
Now since everyone has to hustle to survive why not do something we love??? That the real question! So I ask your career/job your passion? It’s ok to say no, it sucks to go to school or train to get that dream job and it be just that....a j.o.b. but it happens to most of us and that’s ok cuz today is a new day so go do something you freakin love that fills your bucket!!!! And if you’re a person motivated by love and not greed why don’t you come build an empire of passion and hope on the FITvigorate tribe. —————————————————-
You know why you keep seeing these posts about my tribe?? #1 it’s a sign to go find your passion and try new things #2 it’s my passion and when you have something you’re passionate about you can’t shut up about it (at least I can’t, you’re welcome 🤟🏻)

“Find people motivated by LOVE not GREED” ——————————————————
The FITvigorate tribe is looking to expand our impact and empower and inspire even more people! And if you want to reach your goals on this tribe you simply -HELP MORE PEOPLE❤️
I see so many of you out there inspiring so many people bysharing your authenticity and struggles whether it be my fellow PCOS fighters or my fitness friends you’re impact is greater than you realize and you give people hope💕 ——————————————
I want to tell you that deciding to build a business based on giving other people hope is NEVER selfish or greedy and in a business like this you are surrounded by some of the greatest people who want you to succeed right alongside them. We uplift, we empower and we grow. Why don’t you try something new? After all it’s a new year so what’s holding you back? Drop an emoji or dm me (if you’re more comfortable with that) to get more info on the FITvigorate tribe 👭👫👬👭

Okay, I’ll play. 🙂

THE "HOW HARD DID AGING HIT YOU" CHALLENGE 🙌 upload your ‘first’ ever profile pic and your most recent profile right next to it 👇

How much have you changed? .

Photo from 2005 👉🏻 2018. .

I was 18 and this was my favorite senior pic. I was in an extremely emotional abusive relationship and hadn’t had the courage to leave yet (didn’t until 4yrs later at 22! Better late than never!) I was so self conscious and fearful and was bullied so much in high school. Dont let the pic fool you I was definitely not a popular cheer leader or anything like that.

I am now 32! Obviously this isn’t professionally edited but that’s the thing I don’t care! I’m free from emotional abuse, I’m married to the most amazing human I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing and the best dad on the planet Joey Knecht and we have a beautiful, wild and loving 4yr old boy. I’m plus size now but despite my health setbacks I set big goals for myself and will continue to inspire others to due the same and live their lives to the fullest cuz tomorrow is never promised. I’m who I’m meant to be and comfortable with that but will continue to grow and improve myself 💕

Why do I do what I do as a coach?Why do I deal with rejection and criticism? It’s because I know that this opportunity can change lives so I’m gonna tell everyone with ears to hear or eyes to read. What’s the worst that could happen? Someone tells me no?

Ok that’s fine-it doesn’t decrease my awesomeness. Plus I know the reason I get up and slap on some positivity spanks! It’s to live every day to the fullest for my boys cuz ultimately if you change enough lives you’ll end up changing your own. And that’s the goal for 2019!!! Change some freakin lives!!! What’s up yo? We gonna do this or what? You’ll never know if this opportunity is for you or not if you don’t check it out so take the leap.

When I meet someone I vibe with and they inspire me, I invite them to be part of my team 👭👭and inspire others with me. Often people think “I’m not at my goal weight I could never coach”...guuurl if you snoop any of my stories or pics you know I’m not, you know why and you know that’s not gonna keep me back from inspiring others! And you can too!!

Because a “coach” on my team is not an after picture, it’s not someone without struggles, it’s a team of people, flaws and all, who love each other and want to give others strength and a reason to smile, being a “coach” on my team means I’m here for you and we can do this TOGETHER💕 👀drop an emoji or send me a DM to find out more about my team.

I believe FIT HAS NO SIZE. Yep that big AWESOME girl in the pic is telling you this! Now don’t get crazy before you even listen to what I have to say.... read on 👇🏻

@iamtulin has the perfect podcast on this called fit has no size (look it up, be inspired) . If you are a plus size health and fitness warrior it doesn’t mean you can’t be fit! Yes, weight can have negative side effects on your body but you know what helps that? MOVEMENT. You know what else is bad for your body-negative body image and negative self talk!

PCOS and the lack of a dx and knowledge for who knows how long has added weight to my frame but it hasn’t stopped me from moving my body! And I want to point out just cuz you’re thin doesn’t mean you ARE necessarily healthy either. You can be plus size, workout daily, feed your body good nutrition and still be on your weight loss journey for life and THATS OK! I’m sure there’s more than PCOS that slows your results but the journey isn’t about perfection it’s about progression.🙌🏻🙌🏻 .

my big booty can do a lot of things my thinner 18yr old booty couldn’t do cuz my diabetes was literally killing me. Now I’m an awesome mom and mom motivator (with my diabetes in check-ish). So let’s celebrate the WINS people! What are you winning at today?!

You know what keeps me going even when I’d rather just curl back in bed or rewatch the bachelor....again on Hulu??? My coach @joshcoats_pushcoach keeps my butt in gear and keeps me accountable to the goals I said I was shooting for this year! .

My point: everyone needs someone like this in their lives to kick their butts in gear when they need it most. Do you have someone like this in your life?

What’s the SCARIEST thing you’ve ever done to step outside your comfort zone?
And....what are you gonna do to top it in 2019?! Drop below to give me ideas👇🏻👇🏻

Heyyyyy anyone out there want to get out of their dead end job in 2019?! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Or tell your hubby I told you so? Or really anything that involves having and making more money than you have right now?

My goal this year involves expanding my team to what our company calls ELITE status which won’t mean anything to you but to me means I’ve found my team that’s willing to empower others and help them stretch and better themselves 🙌🏻💪🏼 you’re all amazing but sometimes you need someone in your corner constantly telling you until you believe it!❤️ .

The FITvigorate tribe is expanding and we needYOU! Someone’s who’s willing to work hard to change their circumstances! Drop an emoji and I’ll give you more info so you can see if this is for you

What’s one freakin HUGE thing you want to accomplish in 2019?! ...let’s hear these goals and get inspired 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Have you ever done an affirmation? .

An affirmation is something you tell yourself that’s positive to help you achieve your goals (instead of listening to those nagging negative monsters in your head). I’m learning how to create my own affirmations TODAY! .

See? Being surrounded by positive, goal oriented people IS awesome! Look what I’m learning 🤗want to join us?

GUYYYYS! Did you know there’s only one if me?! So as much of a difference as I want to make ...I can only do so much by myself. .

But GUESS WHAT?! I’m expanding my tribe in 2019!!!! So if you love to help others smile and make them feel loved and empowered COME JOIN THE FITVIGORATE TRIBE! You’re already posting on social media so you might as well use it to uplift others 💕👭👭👭in 2019 I’m saving a spot for you to change your life AND others! #theFITvigoratetribe #fitvigorateyourlife

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