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These last few days were a blur, time flies when you're having fun, so they say. Thanks for letting me crash your Memphis life. Love you lots. 💕

My favorite international women. #internationalwomensday

Since we're talking about love today, I'm just taking a minute to remember this place because I'm pretty sure I left my heart here.

"This toast better be good, it was really expensive." Brunch ft. bougie toast & caroline who looks like a rockstar avoiding paparazzi.

Rainy saturdays are for trips to the Dickson Bookshop.
Some weeks are hard, y'all. Sometimes you have a lot of schoolwork and you have a lot going on and you feel like the world is moving faster than you can keep track of. But the good news is, the week ends, the world keeps spinning, and you're okay. And books still smell amazing and rainy days are still relaxing and God is still good.

And the winners of the Dundie for Best Costume are....

Burt Macklin, FBI. The best agent they had, until he was framed for a crime he didn't commit: stealing the president's rubies. #burtmacklinfbi #janetsnakehole

Thx Jacob for being so wonderful in Little Shop of Horrors and for letting me be your date on Beale Street. I love you so much and I'm so proud of you 💕

When you love chi o so much you just lose it @ditto_m_gill @saraestarr #themothership

Today we went to see the Slav Epic and this picture, to me, really captures this whole summer in a way. These 3 paintings are only a few of the whole exhibit, only a fraction of the beauty, yet we are still so much smaller than it. Much like this summer, we only got to see a fraction of the beautiful work God is doing in this country, but I am humbled and honored to have seen it with these people. I truly love you guys like family, because we are family. #jvinterns #teamscoot

This city & this country have my heart. I can't believe I have to leave it in 3 days. #jvinterns #teamscoot #mymessage

Noooo, please don't tell me that my last day of English class for the summer is over 😭 it's been one for the books, and this class was full of fun, laughs, and jolly ranchers. What a camp, Opava. #mymessage #eccz #jvinterns #jvsummercamps #teamscoot

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