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It was a long wait, a journey through the world of infertility, and treatments that the doctor wasn't sure were working... but God. God chose this time and this plan for our family. Baby #2 is due on August 6th. We couldn't be more excited, especially that "super cool big bro" in the photo! Thanks to so many who have prayed with us thus far. We covet your continued prayers as we wait on baby. And, I must say, this post has been hard to write, because I know the bittersweet joy/pain that it will bring to someone. Because we've been there too. And to you who are still waiting, we are praying for you fervently.

Caleb has been told many times he will need to teach his little cousins everything. So last night he got started. "August, this is how you do a puzzle. Are you watching? August? August! Ok so you put the pieces where they go."

Caleb holding his little cousin August. So so sweet. And then right after this photo he said "ok. I'm done."

Meeting my nephew has been amazing! Love this little Mohawk boy so much! Cannot get enough snuggles!

It's a beautiful day to channel my inner Leslie Knope at the park!

Flowers from my sweet Valentines!

Celebrating this boy being so brave at his 4 year old shots today! Playstreet museum for the win!

Happy 4th Birthday to our Caleb! Excited to spend the whole day celebrating him!

Caleb loves playing "restaurant" and today he started carrying "my food" like a real waiter- with his arm raised straight up! He makes me smile.

And my guys surprised me by coming to watch! My friend Janae asked Caleb, "what are you doing here?" To which he replied with a whisper and a point, "that's my mom!" Cutie boy

And then I spoke on a magnificent stage (those flower walls! Wow!)

The table looks even better filled with fun friends!