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Mike? Hey Mike are you in there? Let’s make some noise!
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Check out @protomartyr’s “Wheel of Fortune” from their upcoming ‘ConsolationEP’ featuring yours truly via @nytimes playlist! #protomartyr #rringsings
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A lovely weekend planned!

Fantastic reading whilst going to the CrimeCon #1. Thanks Sam!!
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@decafpercussion Thank you for this. 😌

Madison Wisconny!

Do I need one of these? I feel like I do...

Great talking to you guys! Great zine ❤

Fallingwater and Power Nap.

Finally! A new batch of scarves ready.

"Musicians Are Rallying to Save Obamacare" on Pitchfork.
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The ACA contributes to the economy by allowing artists, freelancers and entrepreneurs to do their work and build their businesses without literally risking their lives. Plus, the ACA helps not only me as a musician, but the home health care aides who take care of my mom with Alzheimers. A lot of contracted workers who do vitally important work don't get heathcare from their jobs. I'm glad we're making it possible for people in ALL kinds of work to get affordable healthcare.

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