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Rizki D Kelimutu 


One rare sunny day.. ☀

Salah satu bucket list dari dulu pengen nonton konser musik klasik. Akhirnya pas tau ada konsernya La La Land di Jakarta memutuskan untuk nonton. Ternyata seruuuuuuw! It's totally not a waste of lovely night. 💕

Seems like a nice jazz place. Sayangnya belum buka pagi2 gini.

"Kadang kita lebih sibuk untuk mengabadikan suatu pengalaman daripada menikmatinya secara langsung."
Sekelumit cerita dari Chongqing kemarin. The rest is on the blog↗️https://kelimuttu.github.io/chongqing/

Last weekend was amazing. Never thought that the CFP proposal which I send not in purpose could lead me to discover the very welcoming GNOME community. I feel so lucky to get an opportunity to know and meet everyone in person. I hope there will be another opportunity we bumped on each other again 🤗

Couldn't ask for more seeing those two are happy and safe there in the holy land Mecca. Just a couple more days for the peak moment. Bismillah and stay safe bu, pah.

Rumah kedua di tahun ini: stasiun kereta. Yang ini karena stasiun kecil, jadi masih bisa motret langit sambil nungguin Kamandaka. 🌥 🌥

A book (in which I was reading for sometime now) reminds me of how often we take the very basic thing in our live for granted. Like how I take for granted the city that I've lived in for more than a year now. The beauty of its historical areas (that I often underestimate compare to the the beautiful deserted island that I fond of). The flexibility that I have, to skip commute time and the traffic craziness in which most of the people here have to face everyday (and no, I don't mean to sounds that my life is better than yours). Life is beautiful when we take some times to appreciate it. (:

Make sure you don't missed Baela's visit in Mozilla Community Space Jakarta this weekend. Join us to talk about microcontroller in Friday & rust on Saturday.

Link to join -> https://t.co/QMi7wwihyn & https://t.co/ksbreXwGRG

Life is a wheel. Sometimes up, sometimes down. Now is back to work.

La la land was made here

Beach is just sands full of people. 🤷‍♀️

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