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Just finished this juicy morsel. Recommend! Thanks for the Xmas pressie bro!

These little guys on my balcony are cheering me up every morning.


Malaysian food, £2 a pint of ale and four ace bands. What more do you want? Come on Levy massive! First band 8:15pm!

I decided at the end of December to set myself a challenge of going to the gym every single day for the month of January. I just completed my 31st daily gym visit of Jan! It was really tough at times, especially when I had stayed up til 3:30am drinking all the alcohol and still got up the next day to do a sweaty class. Or when I had to squeeze a swim in between uni lectures, work and a gig all in one day. But I bloody did it! And I got home to find the celebratory present I had planned for myself had arrived, a whole box of cheese from @pongcheeseuk - life is all about balance! ;-) I really recommend challenging yourself to do something every day for a month. I'm gonna try and think of a new challenge for Feb. Maybe playing guitar or piano, reading novels, creative writing, learning a new language, whatever. It was fun and has helped my enormously with the January blues! Times are really bleak at the moment, staying focused on a personal challenge really helps. I hope this seems less like showing off and more like inspiration! If I can do it so can you!

@desperatejournalist killing it tonight. This is a band you really need in your life!

Will be eating Xmas leftovers for a month still I reckon. #flammkuchen

If you can do it, so can I.

New year, new hair, new favourite cocktail. The goff returns for 2017 and my new girl's a negroni. 2016 has been a bit of a mental one, lots of political chaos, lots of horror, but lots of joy too. I want to focus on the positives. My family welcomed a beautiful new baby, Giz and I halfway around the world, spent quality time with people we hardly ever see because they live so far away, recorded an album I think is by far the best thing we've done, played lots of music, met so many new amazing friends, the list goes on... I wish you all lots of happiness, new challenges and a creative and exciting new year. You can do it!!! Lots of love! See you in 2017!

Today is trans-remembrance day, a day to memorialize those who have been murdered as a result of transphobia and to bring attention to the continued violence endured by the transgender community. I wrote a song about how absurd I think it is to get angry about how someone else looks. Today I am really proud to say that Gay Times have run a feature about the song and the video's message of solidarity. I did a little interview with them which you can read here: - I feel really strongly about this issue, especially in the current political climate. Please share this article and video and help me to spread a message of love and support! 🌈

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