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Frederick Van Johnson, host of the This Week in Photo podcast on the TWIP Network. Another rediscovery as I was digging for images to update my new site ( - link in profile). #portrait #photography #photographer #frederick #van #johnson #frederickvanjohnson #twip #thisweekinphoto #thisweekinphotography #podcast #podcaster #man #male #kelco #blackandwhite #bnw #blackandwhiteportrait

Beautiful Ally C.
mua: @fancy1

every photographer you ever meet cringes when you ask for their website and gives you the url but tells you not to look at it and mumbles something about how it’s super ancient and desperately needs to be updated and it would be better if you just went on your merry way and forgot about the whole thing.

i have a new website: (link in profile). model: @brycegressley | mua: @fancy1

coat check girl.


another portrait of josh.


posting my paris photos on IG here: @kelco_in_paris

outtake, 2008. #tonyward

Me and this pretty lady are heading back to #Paris soon and may not come back. I have a new IG account that I will be posting my trip photos to in case you want to follow along: @kelco_in_paris (also tagged in this photo for easy reference). Au revoir...


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