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kelci nienhuis  @madewell by day, #brooklyn by night.

Caffeinating for the long weekend like... ☕️☕️☕️
📷: @srubes

Wandering through #baltimore with the @hamiltonmusical soundtrack coming in hot through my headphones might be the best thing I’ve done so far in 2018.

Giving you the ginger sisters-from-diff-misters content we know you’re here for. #wespokestyle

When in a new place and given four hours to explore before I get to business and get ready, I WILL do just that and I WILL push it to the limits. So. Worth. It. Tho. #baltimore

🏡 Today the Nienhuis family’s heather ct. chapter comes to an end. TBH I had complicated feels about this house from the beginning. Moving there meant I had to leave my friends (across town) and it was BUTT UGLY inside when we moved in, just ask @sjnienhuis + @charlymom. Regardless of how I felt about it, we definitely have memories inside those walls, many good, some painful (remember when I got a 2nd degree burn on my leg from the lawn mower?!). It’s the place I went home to the night I heard the worst news of my 17 year old life, the home I sat in with my parents when I made the decision to move to New York, where we shared many meals (and stories) around the dinner table as a family (immediate + extended). I had numerous sleepovers in that basement (we inevitably woke my parents up via the air vents every time) and had to say goodbye to two precious pups there. We had sooo many laughs, shed some tears too, burned a lot of firewood and spent countless winter afternoons cuddling and napping with the dogs. There were close encounters with fireworks, fried turkeys... I could go on for days. I am B E Y O N D excited for S + C’s new chapter downtown and can’t wait to see them flourish as upscale urban hipsters. 🤙🏼 Anyways, this is the whole fam on our last Christmas on the court. At least Max and Mom have their eyes open. 🤳🏼

Came for the #content, stayed for the 🍓+ champagne.

Achy, breaky ❤️

Golden hour spotlight on these @madewell shoes that I rediscovered this weekend and have worn for three consecutive days. #wellheeled

Feels like summer, tastes like summer, hair blowin’ in the breeze like summer. ☕️ but make it ❄️

High time this ensemble makes its 2018 debut. 👋🏼
📷 (and effects): @krackleen

Proof that we made it. 🌿

Never not looking for the light. ✨#tbt

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