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Kel Cadet  Founder/Designer for @shoprkitekt & Blogger for Addicted To Discovery. Just trying to make the world around me a bit more lovely.

Kicking off the extended weekend a bit early. I'm having a sunfilled sale for @shoprkitekt 40% off all purchases now - monday with code SUNNYDAYS40 (link in bio)

The type that ALWAYS knows when your feeling down w/o having to say anything.
For always making sure my have wine & chocolate stashed away for emergencies & celebrations.
For telling me when a dress looks bad but im beautiful in the same breath.
For loving my own children as if you birthed them yourself.
For doing an amazing job raising me & B alone. (I seriously don't understand HOW!) Cheers to you mommy (yup I still say mommy!) Thank you & I love you!

Me and my bestest bunny! πŸ‡

That time I had bangs and was a moonlighting blogger and worked with @Gap and @ruemagazine

Signed a mother of a little black boy.... #wearenotoverit #blacklivesmatter

Happy Friday kids!
Hope you all are beyond well.
We have been basking in His Glory as of late. With that comes pure joy, fear, discomfort, but mostly elation.
As a family we are learning more and more how to lean on Him without hesitation.
I haven't done an #ootd a bit.
Just thought I'd share the palette that has literally thrown up all over my closet.
Cheers to the weekend and all the love, light, & laughter it brings.

Happy Sunday kids!
Its me again...So remember when I said I was going to start asking for help.
I need it.
I entered in the #etsysmallbusiness contest to hopefully get the opportunity to grow my business a ton this year.
If you could do me a favor and take 2 secs to vote for @shoprkitekt (link in bio) I would be so grateful. Voting ends on April 6th 😫 so we are in the home stretch. To those that have already voted, thank you so so much. Have a great rest of your weekend. πŸ˜™πŸ˜™

Happy weekend kids!

#everydaymadewell #madewell

I saw other people's squishy babies and THOUGHT I heard my uterus cry out. Then I remembered we are finally out of the baby aisle so I will hang onto my #tbt
Gosh it was all so long ago...😒😒😭😭😭

Feed yo mind...
The rest will follow...

I know I'm not the only one that hides a bottle of wine & snacks in my closet for those moments when my kids break me down.

I know I'm not the only one that has had EXTREMELY awkward intimate moments.

I know I'm not the only one that changes out of pajamas 15 mins before my husband gets home.

For those reasons plus about a billion more we are building @femmefort ...a place for women to feel less alone and more "oh girl meee toooo!.

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