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Kéla Walker  6 x Emmy Nominated TV Host & Producer | Style Authority #WatchMeWork & Play In The Squares #BookedBusyBlessed 📧 📍NYC

Just because this weekend is the unofficial start to summer doesn't mean you throw in the towel yet. More than working to #Slay4Summer we gotta #Slay4Life.
@robertbrace and I have been doing classes since the top of the year and I'm pretty sure this will be THE BEST yet. More than just a workout there will also be a motivational talk and panel discussion with my girls @jovianzayne and @rhapsodani because y'all hear my story all the time and it's important to engage women of different body types in the #fitness conversation. (all of us are #winning and slaying after going through Roberts transformation program). Its all going down June 1 and it's going to be an evening of empowerment, inspiration and strength💪🏾 I really cannot wait 🤗🤗 . I hope to see you there. 🔗in my bio.

Royalty Inside My DNA
#KelaVie #Effortless

Sunday Shenanigans: Me in the park with the kids like... 😜
My godson is in the back like "Um, what is happening?" Listen, I got one life to live and I intend to live it to the funnest. #KelaVie #ShowMeYourPersonality #TheUltimatePullUp #ShoutoutToModelsThatDoThisForRealAndMakeItLookEffortless #liketkit

That girl is on fiyah 🔥🔥
#KelaVie #IDDCMustLoveBeards

Cheers to #Summer17. Let's slay this bih.
Sidebar: You ever go out and not feel like drinking but still want to "blend in?" Try what I like to call a FauxJito. It looks like a mojito but it's actually a seltzer water with mint and lime. (Sprite works too but if you don't want the sugar stick with the seltzer). Pretty clever, right? It's a great way to balance social drinking while trying to lose weight. #KelaVie

From here on out you can find me laid up and kicked back wherever there is AC. Summer ain't even officially here yet and it's already a scorcher outside. No ma'am. Im not playing those games this year. #KelaVie
Before you ask the shoes are from @hm. I scored them a few months ago in-store after they were sold out online forever. You should have seen how fast I ran up to these babies and nestled them in my arms. I couldn't believe they were just sitting there. I'm trying to wear them with everything so be forewarned that you'll be seeing them a lot. If you're interesting in kicking back in your own dope ass mules, I linked 16 hot styles for you to score. Just ❤️ this pict and make sure you're signed up to to have the full list emailed to you. Y'all keep cool, ya hear. #liketkit

This is not a filter. This is what it looks like when you're living life like it's GOLDEN with the incomparable @Iamlisaprice AKA Lisa "Popping" Price. The glow up is REAL. Join me in wishing this queen a blessed, loving and ridiculously Happy Birthday. It was such an honor and pleasure to be amongst her 55 friends and innovators to celebrate her 55 years life! It was glorious to see so much joy in one room. Thank you Lisa for spreading love and light in everything you do. Here's to MORE LIFE and living it like it's golden. #KelaVie

Happy TGI (almost) F.
Thursday is actually my favorite weekday because of all the promise and potential it holds as the day before Friday. It's the buildup and anticipation of the weekend. Is that weird? 🤷🏽‍♀️Oh well. It's also one of the best 📺 nights. Scandal anyone? #KelaVie #TGIT #liketkit

It's beginning to look a lot like Summer.
Today was IT! Ready or not #Summer17
P.S. I'm looking for a summer theme song- a track that will move and motivate me throughout the season. Last year it was "Pop Style" by Drake, and the year before that it was "F*ck The Summer Up" which was only the best theme song ever. Maybe I'll just bring that back. 🤔 What say you??

Brace yourself: This week marks ONE year since I committed to this #fitness life. WOW. There's no way I thought I would still be doing this work out thing 365 days later much less inspiring legions of people to get #Snatched and #Slay4Summer. It was only suppose to be for 28 Days but here I am, stronger, healthier, SNATCHED and more confident than ever before. It truly is a way of life. Hands down, this has been an amazing year and one of the best investments I could ever make in myself. Thanks to my main man @robertbrace and the entire Brace team who kept me on track and never let me fall. 🙌🏾 Here's to staying Snatched to Slay 4 Summer and #Slay4Life #CantStopWontStop 💪🏾💪🏾 #workoutwednesday

One day she discovered that she was fierce and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears. #KelaVie #liketkit

When life is sweet say thank you and celebrate. When life is bitter say thank you and grow. #KelaVie

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