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Kéla Walker  6 x Emmy Nominated TV Host & Producer | Style Authority #WatchMeWork & Play In The Squares #BookedBusyBlessed™ 📧Kontact@Kelaskloset.com 📍NYC


#AboutLastNight I had to return Gracie (of course I named my @GMC Acadia Denali. DUH 🙄) It was a very emotional goodbye. If you followed my InstaStory or better yet, Snapchat, you know we did a lot together- took a mini road trip to Poughkeepsie (with loads of laundry in tow) trekked to Albany to see PopPop, looped around Brooklyn a few times AND went to Harlem #OnPurpose. Heck she even helped my girl sass pick up a date. Seriously! Who knew a car could be a wing woman but that's how great Gracie was. My commute will never be the same. I'm going to miss that gal! #KelaVieTheRoad #BackToTheMetroAndTaxi

If you don't want a broke woman you gon' have to deal with a busy woman. Blurry but you get the picture. #KelaVie #BookedBusyBlessed™ #OnPurpose

I'm on a new level 💁🏽
@iloveindique all the way down to there.
Y'all ain't ready. Hell I ain't ready.

Let's talk about this thing called purpose for a second, shall we?
We shall.
Everyone talks about having purpose and finding their "calling". That's great and all but there are still a lot of people trying to figure out what their purpose is exactly. 🙋🏽Like for reals, how do you know? Well, I gave it some thought and you know what, I don't think purpose has to be this huge undertaking or great mission statement like we're use to. I think purpose comes in small doses, in the way we live our lives every day. It's doing ALL things with intention- no matter how big or small. For me, that means living life to the fullest and being happy on Purpose. Seriously. My hobbies include creating moments & making memories to last a lifetime. That's my purpose and it shows up in everything I do. So... I dress with purpose. I pray with purpose. I workout with purpose. I create with purpose. Hell, I even eat with purpose. All of which adds up to me inspiring others #OnPurpose. I got one life to live and I'm living this thang #ONPURPOSE.
Now when you think of purpose in that way, it doesn't seem like some huge undertaking, does it? Happy International #DayOfPurpose
Okay, your turn, how do you live #OnPurpose.

If people are doubting how far you can go, go so far that you can't hear them anymore #KelaVie

#IssaVibe but everybody can't come ... for several reason but mostly because of their energy. Oprah said it best "Not only are you responsible for the energy that you bring but you're also response for the energy you surround yourself with". Folks will bring darkness to your life if you let them. Nope. I'm not having it. Proceed with caution and be mindful of the people you travel with in life. #KelaVieTheRoad

"Imma pull up, just to hop out and stunt"
#KelaVie :

If you know me, you know I love me some trap soul and using the lyrics in my post. 😜Extra luv to the kutie that can name the tune featuring the lyric above. #Shazam Hint: It ain't drake this time.

It's not about being better than someone else, it's about being better than you used to be. That's my mission, what's yours?#MissionMonday #MondayMotivation :
💪🏾 :
Shoutout to @missionathlete for keeping me calm and cool with their athletic gear. Their cooling towels might be the best invention ever. Like the name suggest they stay cool for hours, helping me get through intense workouts and hardcore training.

Monday- a new day, the beginning of a new week for another chance to attach your goals. Go gettem shark 🦈 #HappyMonday

Most important thing to do this weekend: see PopPop. Weekend all the way made. There's no way I wasn't making the trek to Albany to see my main man. If you watch my Snapchat you know I'm his sugabuga.😜
Happy Father's Day to all the men who have been there from day one. Also Happy Father's Day to all the women like my mom who pulled double duty and played both roles from day one. #KelaVieTheRoad

I'm riding around and getting it, feeling like a school girl again with "my new" car. My sister says Im doing the most, as if I never had a car before but IDC. 🤣🤣Driving around in this @GMC Acadia Denali reminds me of my very first car- (well, my only car) a brand new SUV my mother bought for me after my sophomore year of college. Just like then, I bought ALL my laundry home to wash and dry. When I tell you it was A LOT ( I ain't did laundry in all of 2017). And I still had more than enough room for my sister and 6 '3 tall brother. This car is spacious AF.
Listen man, Im getting in any and everything I want and need to do with these wheels. if that means I'm doing the most... 🤷🏽‍♀️ #KelaVieTheRoad

Picture me rollin'
Shoutout to @gmc for the new wheels. I'm dusting off my license. ✌🏾NYC. Tag along with me and peep my insta story! #KelaVieTheRoad

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