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Kéla Walker  6 x Emmy Nominated TV Host & Producer | Style Authority #WatchMeWork & Play In The Squares #BookedBusyBlessed [email protected] 📍NYC

Happiness is...
Spring temperatures in the middle of winter on a day that also happens to be a Friday! 🤗 Let the weekend begin with plenty of sunshine to play in!! #KelaVie #FBF #HappyPlace #OneDimple

The face you make when you receive you 6th Emmy nomination, which also happens to be the exact same face you make when standing in front of the Eiffel Tower 🤗🤗. Two very different times but with the same sentiment -THANK YOU GOD FOR THIS MOMENT.
Nominations were just announced and It feels pretty damn good to do what you love, get paid for it and be recognized amongst your peers for your talent. This nomination means I am amongst the best of the best in NYC- the #1 TV market in the country. Win or lose, I already won. However, I will put in a request to all my prayer saints to get to work. Please and Thank you. I'd like to not be the black Susan Lucci. #KelaVie #Emmy #EmmyNomination #6 #WatchMeWork #WomenInMedia

Because my feet got cut off in the previous picture and everyone knows no look is complete without the shoes.
Speaking of which shoes are the one thing I always invest in (amongst a few other things) Think about it, your feet get you everywhere + No matter what size you are or how much weight you gain you're shoes always fit (along with your handbag)
Something else I've been investing in a lot lately... fitness. Yooo, it's really a lifestyle. Who knew? The same way you have to budget for your wardrobe, your health needs a budget too. Because it's all fun and games until the jeans don't fit any more. The #Slay4Summer fitness program literally has something for every budget (link in bio) not tot mention it going to help you get #FitForFashion. Listen, If there are two things not to be cheap with, it's your shoes and your health. Ijs. #KelaVie
What do you invest in?

Don't try to slow me down...
Money can't make me happy and a fella can't make me fancy... #Shining #KelasVie
Going up on soon. In the meantime, this dress is on sale for the low low. If you want it in your closet ❤️ this photo to have buying links sent directly to you. #liketkit

Haters will say it's photoshopped but this is what it looks like when you make a commitment to yourself to bounce back and get in shape. (Zoom in for even better look) Might I add it all happened in 28 Days (which really equals about 8 weeks). Listen I couldn't do this without the help and guidance of my trainer @robertbrace but I'm not done yet. I have so much further to go (told y'all I'm adding booking info once I get a full set of abs). Just as I have from the beginning, I'm sharing my journey with you inviting each and every one of you to experience a better, healthier you. This could be you in a couple month with the program @robertbrace and I created. Check out the link in my bio and sign up to #Slay4Summer. Classes start March 4 and don't worry if you don't live in NYC- we have a livestreaming option for you too
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Today was a good day and considering it's a short work week + temperatures will get close to 70 degrees, it's only going to get better. What's a girl to wear in the middle of winter when it's feels like Fall? Obvi something kute, DUH! And a dope pair of sunnies because also DUH. Currently, I'm obsessed with this pair from @shopditto 😎. Check out the sunglass subscription service and get your first month free when you use my name at checkout. The weather & your outfit calls for it. #KelaVie

I don't get to read as much as I like but this title just shot to the top of my list. I mean, I think I'm pretty good at not giving AF already but one could always use more practice + it came up during my interview on the @theoprahroseshow yesterday and it's now my challenge for the week so here goes. 🤷🏽‍♀️ #KelaVie 📷 @nicolegibbonsstyle

I'm telling you, as soon as I get a full set of abs I'm putting booking info in my bio. 😜. In the meantime I'm getting ready to #Slay4Summer with this new fitness challenge I'm doing with my trainer @robertbrace.
You know sumner bodies are made in the winter, right? Join me and Sign up with the link in my bio or check out
We'll work out together twice a month + You get an extensive food plan, workout videos to keep you going in between sessions, fierce form techniques to help you workout the RIGHT WAY + motivational videos and access to him and his team of trainers & so much more. And don't worry, if you're not In NYC, we got you covered with the livestream. There's something for everyone, everywhere. Check out the link so we can get these abs together and really slay by summer.
#MotivationMonday #fitness #health

You don't have to be be born in Brooklyn to be Brooklyn born.
#SouthernBorn #NorthernBred #SouthInTheCity #TheBestOfBothWorlds

Saturday Brunch Goals - tasty but still healthy
#Slay4Summer #KWeats

Whether you're curly, colored, straight or relaxed, at the end of the day confidence is the best #hairstyle.
Fun was had at last night's celebration of @darkandlovely's 45th anniversary. + I got to toast to my boo @ownbyfemme 's new campaign with the brand. Have you Kuties seen her ad? I mean, talk about #HairGoals. #KelaVie #Lovely45th #RelaxedAmongstNaturals

#FitnessFriday- It's time to put up or shutup ( I mean that in the nicest way possible) You've been talking about losing weight. You've been talking about getting back in shape. You've been talking about making healthier decisions. You saw me do it and you've been asking how can you do it too. Welp, after much demand my trainer @robertbrace and I came up with a way for you to get #Snatched on his #D28 challenge, the same way I did and at a fraction of the cost. 💪🏾 Stop delaying, stop excusing and make the decision to invest in your self. Your summer body will thank you for it. Peep the link in my bio and get ready to #Slay4Summer.
P.S. There's something for everyone, even those of you that don't live in NYC. #ObjectsInPictureMayBeSmallerThanTheyAppear
#SummerBodiesAreMadeInTheWinter #FitToSlay #SnatchedToSlay