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Kéla Walker (KAY-la)  7 x Emmy Nom TV Host & Producer | LifeStyle Authority #KélaVie #BookedBusyBlessed™ #SlayForLife NO DM PITCHES Bookings: 📍NYC

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Posted up with my fellow #bawse ladies, this pretty much explains How I’m moving through this week. Hell, it actually depicts how Ive been moved through all of 2018 and plan to continue through 2019.
Y’all, I’m Just coming up for air from the weekend but TRUST #Afrotech was a whole vibe. All I can say is stack your money and book your tix for next year. It’s essential to be in the building. It’s more than just tech, it’s about US showing up and proving that anything we imagine is possible.
There was so much to take in. I wish I could have shared more here during the weekend but #BOOKED. Peep my highlights for a taste of it all & Tag your fellow boss friends below.
#BookedBusyBlessed™️ #WatchMeWork #BlackInTech #BlackInBusiness #ConferenceCircut #KnowledgeIsWealth #YouAintTalkingAboutNothingIAintGotNoTime #Boss

Welcome to 2018.
I’m your Host / Mistress of Ceremonies for the weekend. Let’s geek out together.
#KélaVie #BookedBusyBlessed™️ #AfroTech #AllTheGreatMinds

The venue for AfroTech is breathtaking. (Get a closer look on my stories)
I cannot wait to take the stage tomorrow and welcome all 4,000 guest to the conference. No pressure.
#BookedBusyBlessed™️ #WatchMeWork
#AfroTech18 #Afrotech

Just landed in San Francisco for the 3rd annual
I watched this conference unfold on instagram last year (with major FOMO) and made a mental note / prayer goal to have a purpose to attend the next year. Fast forward to the present and Im honored to be on board as this year’s Host / MC for the main stage. 🙌🏾 Thank you Heavenly Father for hearing my prayer and having me serve with intention and purpose. And thank you team @blavity for another opportunity to grace your stage and guide your audience. 🙏🏽 I’m excited to see it all unfold IRL for myself.
#BookedBusyBlessed™️ #AfroTech #Afrotech18 #GodsPlan #WatchMeWork #BlavityINC #BeIntentional #Purposeful

Can we talk about this skin tho. UGH!!! I’m gagging. Not a drop of makeup, no foundation, concealer, NOTHING but my eye cream I shared in my previous post. My skin has been on its best, most consistent behavior for the past 6 month. Hell I’m almost scared to talk about it so I won’t jinx it 🤞🏾but here goes.
Its actually very simple... I wash my face DAILY with @drbarbarasturm cleanser followed by her Hyaluronic Serum and face cream for darker skin tones. Listen, her stuff is not cheap but nothing worth having is. @missjulee introduced me to the line in June before Essence Fest and it’s given my skin LIFE. I thought my skin was good before but it’s just NEXT LEVEL now. I was sold as soon as she shared that Dr Sturm counts Jada Pinket Smith and Angela Basset at patients. We all know their skin is 🙌🏾🙌🏾.
I also do quarterly facials with @fleurdelisbeauty which I love because it’s not that fluffy cutesy kind of facial which I hate because it really serves no purpose. They’re hydro facial is the real deal, medical grade, to actually help optimize your skin. I just did a follow up with my aesthetician Carla who said and I quote “your skin is even better since I first saw you” which was right around the time I started using Dr Strum. 🤗🤗 Add to all that the tan I just got in the Cayman Islands. Bih, IM GOLDEN
Again, NOT AN AD just sharing because so many ask.
#GlassSkin #NoFilter #NaturalBeauty #Glow #melaninmagic #TheGlowUp #MyBeautyRoutine

It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. Already missing the #CaymanIslands. #KélaVieCaymanISL
#MakeMemories #CreateMoments #LiveLifeBetter #Travel #TravelInspo #TheWorldIsYours

Already preparing for my next trip. (In 2.2 seconds Idk if I’ll be coming or going at the rate November is moving) but no matter my destination, these are my must-have essentials when I fly. I always have them within reach. I get asked about at least one of these product / my beauty routine daily so I figured I share. This is NOT AN AD. 💄Lippie- in the air or on the ground, I don’t go anywhere without @nyxcosmetics tiramisu. It’s like my chapstick. If I’m not wearing a bold lip, I’m wearing it. 🎧 Earbuds- because duh but I don’t know how I ever dealt with wired earphones. These pods have changed my life
👀Eye cream- because I’m obsessed and need to look as awake & bright eyed when I land as I did when I took off. I swear by this @kiehls avocado one. I Never leave home without it. 💦Facial spray- because I’m also obsessed. It’s a great way to refresh and hydrate my skin on the go. These days I’m trying out the new @olay one for the first time. So far so good. 🕶Sunglasses to avoid eye contact 😜and because they’re better than a sleep mask which make me feel like I’m suffocating my eyes
I keep all of it tucked in my #blackgirlmagic pouch which I also never leave home without.
What are your travel beauty essentials?
#MyTravelGram #TravelFly #InFlightEssentials #Style #BeautyRoutine #TravelBeauty #MyLifeAndStyle

VOTE ☑️ To do list DONE
Drop a 👍🏾 if you made it to the polls today.
#VoteToday #DontBooVOTE #InfluenceTheElection #GlobalCitizen #RockTheVote #PhenomenalVoter #BlackWomenVote #WhenWeAllVote #MidtermElections

How I’m stepping out to vote this election.
Please make sure you show up and show out at the polls the same way you do for everything else. 💁🏽‍♀️. I cannot stress this enough #KélaVie
#GoVote #StuntOnThePolls #BeTheChange #RightSideOfHistory #BookedBusyBlessed™️

My Monday Blues... You belong everywhere and if you work for it, everything can belong to you. #KélaVieCaymanISL
#LivingProof #AllureCI #HighRider #StingrayCity #AspireToInspire #MondayMotivations #MyLifeAndStyle #MondayDoneRight

Been around the world and I can't find my baby. I don't know when, I don't know why... 🎶
How many of y’all can finish the lyrics? Leave the next line below, I’m trying to see something real quick. #KélaVieCaymanISL
#Classic #Timeless #WorldTraveler #PassportStamps #CaymanIsland #TravelInspo #AllureCI #iPhonePhotograph

I don’t intend to tiptoe through life only to arrive at death’s doors safely. #KélaVie
YOLO but for real though I was scared AF swimming with these stingray but everyone said I had to try this in #CaymanIsland. Sooo...
Listen, if I can do this, anyone can. You should know I cannot swim (leave your judgment & swim advisories out of my comments) but I’m very Yolo when I’m in a new destination. The water is shallow and comes waist high. At any rate, I still wore a life jacket because LIFE. The stingrays are actually very docile and somewhat trained for this. They say if you kiss the stingray you get 7 years of good luck. Swipe to that last photo- it’s me faking the funk bc I’m totally not about that life but def glad I listened to everyone and tried this experience.
Have any of you tried this before? Could you “swim” with the stingray?
#WorkHardPlayHarder #Adventure #StingrayCity #TravelInspo

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