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Lenny MacKay. Currently the front runner in our ‘most difficult kid to potty train’ competition. 🤨
Our first dog (female) was never this difficult. Is that a thing? Are males truly harder? Or am I just gender stereotyping at the dog level, now 🤣? I’m sure I am partially to blame as my focus isn’t what it used to be, because #3kids.
Anyway, the pee gods must have heard my cries. Thankfully, this week has been waaaay better and things are starting to click for this crazy lil dood. 🎉 🐶 🚽

My life is, and always has been, full. I thrive in a busy, highly scheduled environment. Since I can remember, that is where I have always felt the most happy and productive.
Lately though, I have not been dealing well with the chaos around me. Saying ‘yes’ to too many things, having too many obligations, and feeling like I am only doing a half ass job at all of them. This, paired with the expected trials that come with parenting young children, has been giving me a lot of anxiety and exhaustion. I usually regulate these feelings with exercise, sleep, and a good diet. Exercise seems to be the only one that I’ve been keeping consistent with, though, mostly because I teach several classes a week and kind of need to show up! 🙈
I’m trying to make a few more changes for myself and the kids to reduce overall stress level.
What do you guys do to find greater peace and lessen anxiety, while still maintaining a busy life and schedule? Would love hearing what others do to stay grounded through the (organized) chaos! 🖤
Photo: @yyclifestylephotographer

Can’t forget about my Audrey girl! 🦄
Being a Halloween babe, she’s always one of the youngest in her classes and activities. Thankfully, she is fearless and confident, always eager to take on new challenges and adventures. We are so proud of her: scroll through to see a few more snaps. Jr. Kindy, here she comes!
Side note: I picked up these boots a long time ago from and they seemed soooo big at the time. And then, in the blink of an eye, they finally fit perfectly! can slow down now! 😭

“You’re off to great places,
Today is your day.
Your mountain is waiting,
So get on your way.” ✨
September 10th, 2018: my first born had his first day of school. He gave me a big hug + kiss (on his own!), yelled “BYE MOM!” over his shoulder, and walked in there as brave and excited as could be. Meanwhile, I cried my eyes out the entire walk home. I didn’t expect to respond or feel this way, but it just hit me like a ton of bricks how quickly these past five years have flown by.
With bitter-sweetness we close one chapter, but look forward to the next with incredible pride, excitement, and gratitude. 🖤✏️ #classof2031

Thank goodness you’re kinda cute, lil’ guy, because you.are.a.HANDFUL!
Lenny’s the first one to officially head back to school this fall; obedience class begins tonight! Wish us luck! 😬

The whole world seems to have started school yesterday, but for some reason ours (kindergarten and preschool) don’t begin until next week. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Soooo, it’s business as usual over here. This was yesterday after an hour at the grocery store followed by another hour at the dentist. 🤪 These three thought it was all much more amusing than I did, apparently.
Even though more structured days are on the way, the four of us will still be spending A LOT of time together, as public kindergarten is only 2.5 hours long here in Alberta. I’m actually planning on doing some informal homeschooling for 1-2 hours every afternoon with Thomas and Audrey while Henry naps, otherwise it will be one loooong year and we’ll all go crazy. I’m a teacher, but have historically taught teenagers, so if you know of any great primary aged, inquiry based resources (NOT worksheets) or inspirational IG accounts, I would love to hear below! 💕


After waiting an entire year, this kid is hooked on honey! 🍯
No wonder. The only kind he’s tried so far is @drizzle_honey, and now I’m unsure how he’s ever going to eat anything else. You guys, this stuff is an everyday luxury item that we can’t live without! We use it for everything like basic spreads, hot beverages, muffins and loaves, and even cooked dinner items like honey glazed chicken.
It’s raw and rich, loaded with nutrients, pollen, and enzymes. We have especially loved the superfood collection. The kids love the cacao 🍫 and I love the turmeric gold for its anti inflammatory/joint health boost.
If you know me, you know I love shopping and supporting local companies. Not only is @drizzle_honey Calgary-based, they work to educate and address the urgent need for sustainable beekeeping.
Because I love this company and their beautiful, seasonal products so much, I’ve teamed up with them to give away TWO bottles of their exceptional, unadulterated honey to one of my CANADIAN followers (1 white raw, 1 tumeric gold). ✨

1) Follow @kel.mackay and @drizzle_honey
2) Like THIS photo!
3) Tag your honey loving friends (in separate comments). Each SEPARATE tag counts as an entry.
That’s it, honeybees! 🐝
Contest closes Wednesday, Sept 5th at 9pm MST.
Open to Canadian 🇨🇦 residents only!!!

You know, he might actually skip the whole walking part and just go straight from crawling to American Ninja Warrior. Really though, this kid is our first, true “climber”, and I now require even more coffee to maintain my high alert status over here! 🧗🏻‍♂️🙈
Also, his little @beau_hudson skinny jeans are my fave and I got them at a fraction of the cost (and like new) from 🖤

Oh, you know. Just a candid balancing + charcoal mask pic to kick off the long weekend. 😎
I couldn’t wait any longer to share my news with you guys! I’ve joined the movement and will be adding my voice to the thousands of others who are working to get safer products into the hands of everyone. I’m excited about my new little gig as a @beautycounter consultant, and look forward to sharing this journey with you guys.
To be very honest, I have been slightly apprehensive about publicizing my new venture, as it is not something I ever imagined doing. EVER.
It essentially came down to me absolutely falling in love with the high performing products, particularly the skin care line, not to mention the company’s efforts to disrupt the beauty industry by challenging government regulation on toxins and overall product safety. I just knew that it was something I had to be a part of- so, here I am. 🖤
Thank you to those few special people who pushed me to leave my comfort zone and try something new. I’m absolutely thrilled to be part of this community and I am here to answer questions or help with anything you guys are wondering! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 💋

#tbt 🇦🇺 I cannot believe it was exactly six years ago today that Adam and I hopped on a plane to begin our Australian adventure. I was 16 week pregnant with Thomas and had no idea if we’d made the right choice by moving across the globe, about to begin this crazy parenthood journey without friends or family nearby.
This decision ultimately led to a few of the best years of our lives. Amazing travel and adventures, life long friendships, and a new perspective on what matters most. I definitely grew more in those few years than I realized at the time.
I’m forever grateful for experiences like this. It makes me remember that sometimes saying “YES” to those daunting, overwhelming, or unknown opportunities is exactly what we need.
We miss you everyday, Australia! 🖤

Hard to believe this little dude of mine will be off to kindergarten in less than two weeks. Wasn’t he just born?
I will say, I am really enjoying “FIVE”. It’s been such a good age: a great mix of dependency + independency. I just love his spirited and inquisitive nature, even if it means bringing me dead insects and crustaceans, or asking me 100000 questions a day (he’s basically the male version of Ada Twist Scientist, if you know that one 📚). He’s just a little sponge and doesn’t miss a beat. I know this social butterfly is going to love school! ✏️

It was only 6 degrees celsius when we left the house this morning. Fall is here a wee bit early, don’t you think!? 🍂
Since getting back from the east coast, we have had 2 weeks of Smoke (yes, I’ve turned that into a proper noun as it’s become Calgary’s 5th season), and now summer is apparently over?
Fall is definitely my second favourite season, but stilllllll. I’M.NOT.READY!

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