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While getting ready for her preschool Christmas concert this morning, Audrey put on her outfit, then went over to our full length mirror to inspect herself.
“Yep. Beautiful!” ❤️
How amazing would it be if all girls and women could have such an affirmative and unapologetic perspective of themselves, like that of a four year old? Might make this world a little less comparative and a lot more...happy.
Just a thought. ✌🏼

Feeling festive lately, despite the fact that we are too exhausted to even fathom putting our outdoor lights up (for the second year in a row 🙈). The tree is up and somewhat decorated though. That counts, right?
Instead, we’ve been busy rocking out to holiday music, watching Christmas movies on repeat, and creeping the kids out daily with our elf on a shelf.
My girlfriends and I also got together for a wreath-making social a couple of weeks ago with @seedsowgrow_co 🌿
What a great idea for an event! Thanks to @momoftwochunks for organizing!
Looking forward to some holiday baking, zoo lights, dropping off some clothing + toy donations, and a visit to see mall Santa at some point next week! From the looks of it, @cfchinookcentre looks to have an amazing 🎅🏼 this year! ❤️

Thomas is down and out with the stomach flu 🤒 today, but here’s a little snap from the weekend when he was healthy and so excited to put the finishing touch on our tree. 🌟
He made me set up a mattress under it this afternoon so that he could look at the twinkling lights while he was resting with his barf bucket!
Side note: he got that rosary 📿 at school a few weeks ago (he attends a Catholic school) and now accessorizes his outfits with it on the daily! 🙈
He’s super into the story of Jesus this Christmas and asking so many questions (thank you @googlehomemini for your patience and endless answers).
“Hey Google! How long does it take for a pregnant lady to walk to Bethlehem?” 🤔
If you’re curious, it would take Mary approximately 1 day, 8 hours by donkey. Who knew? 🎄✨

walkin’ in a winter wonderland. ❄️

...elf is back, tell a friend. ❄️
Just one of MANY items on my ever-growing ”things I said I’d never do as a parent” list.
no.shame. 🎅🏼 #shamelessshelfie

Charging into the last week of November like...👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼
Actually. That WAS my intention, although this frosty Monday morning was a bit rough on all levels for our crew leaving me a little off kilter. 🙈
Why must it be sooo hard to get three kids out of the house?! Send coffee. And wine for later. 🤣

So proud of our ‘biggest little’.
I wasn’t sure how this year would go in Kindergarten. Not academically, but emotionally. He’s always been quite apprehensive to try new things and meet new people. Anything unfamiliar was met with nerves, hesitation, and sometimes tears.
It made my mama-heart burst with pride yesterday when he was the first one up to help me bake banana muffins for his class and was so excited to practice his “About Me” presentation for his Special Helper Day. He’s come so far over the past few months and grown in confidence like I always knew he would. In the day to day rush of it all, I’m happy to stop and see these little, important moments for what they are. 🖤

A little bit ballet, a little bit Batman. 🌸🖤

Busy Is The New Black. 🖤
I was at a fitness conference a couple of weeks ago and had the pleasure of listening to @nathaliepthinkyourself speak about personal development, goal setting, and reaching your full potential.
We had to laugh at her mention of the way we all seem to greet each other these days:
“Oh hi! How are you?”
“Busy. Soooo busy. You?”
“Omg, me too! I am just sooo busy!”
Tell me this isn’t the truth!? 🤣
We’ve somehow moved beyond the classic, “I’m fine, thank you!”, and entered this new era of responding about how busy we are, all day, everyday, all the time. It’s quite funny when you think about it! Or sad, maybe? Or perhaps it’s just...reality.
Ever since seeing such truth behind this now commonly accepted response, I’ve become more aware of myself and how I look at the whole concept of being ”busy.” I’d be lying if I said I haven’t felt overwhelmed this year. 😳 Hands down, this is the busiest year of my motherhood journey so far. I have felt like I am constantly ‘buzzing’. Racing here and there. Going entire days without sitting down or eating a meal. And I will shamelessly admit that I have found myself in moments of self-pity and mental exhaustion.
Could I sit down and cut things out of my schedule/life to ease any of this? Yes. Yes, I could and I have. There’s honestly nothing left to cut without compromising my/our family’s personal fulfillment, so this is what we’re left with. There is absolutely no sense in getting bogged down by wishing things were easier or less stressful. Of course, there is something to be said for the art of slow living, and I’ll happily take those days when they come. But when you have goals and dreams and destinations, you just have to stay present and find a similar calmness amongst the chaos.
So, I’m rolling with it, you guys! It truly is mind over matter, and a whole lot of self talk.
Busy is the new black. Accept it. Deal with it. Embrace it. Own it. Because when we fixate on the difficulties of our everyday, hectic lives, we will only remain stagnant.
Happy Friday!!!

I don’t know why it took me so long to incorporate this black beauty into my routine. It’s one of @beautycounter’s best sellers, and I now know why! 🖤
The charcoal cleansing bar detoxifies + deep cleanses ✔️ (binchotan charcoal), tones + tightens ✔️ (organic witch hazel), and refines pores + provides antioxidant benefits ✔️ (organic green tea extract). A lot of cleansing bars on the market have overly drying surfactants, parabens, and fragrances that can act as hormone-disrupting chemicals. Instead, this lil guy is made from safer choice ingredients like pure essential and organic oils.
My favourite time to use the charcoal bar is after an intense workout, after I’ve worn more makeup than usual, or after a night/weekend of wine and too many treats. Basically, if I am feeling like I need a really good deep clean, I swap my nourishing cream cleanser for this. It’s ideal for both combination and acne-prone skin.
Also, random side note: the girl who did my manicure a couple of weeks ago literally laughed at my nails (long nail trend rebel over here 🙋🏻‍♀️). I was like, “Lady, I have 3 kids, one in diapers, and a puppy. Everyday at my house is a poop party. I can grow them long, but then I’ll have to come back here for you to deal with the repercussions.” And THAT was the end of that discussion 🤣.

...and he’s off. 🦁
Babies don’t keep, you guys. Especially the “last one”! I even caught him singing the ABC song (quite accurately) as he fell asleep tonight. Ugh, I love him so much it hurts!
The next few months are notoriously my favourite toddler ages, so I plan to soak up every second of them! 🖤
Be Brave Sweatshirt: @poshandcozy
Beanie: @wildrootsandco

First weekend away since I had Henry! We bought tickets way back in March to see JT in Vancouver, but due to bruised vocal chords, he cancelled/rescheduled the show. 😭
So, off we set on a few different adventures. Justin even came along for the ride.
Fresh air, wine, hydrotherapy, all the food, coffee, more coffee, and a million laughs. Had the best weekend with my girl @arinnapril. Thank you for being the sweetest host and one of my most intentional and supportive friends. 💕

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