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My boo boo, my mini me, my baby!!! My Rennie!! It’s so hard watching siblings get older and becoming their own “people”. I remember when she would get on my desktop and record videos literally saying “God is LOVE and LOVE is God” haha 😍. Or when she would cry before she could read because all she wanted to do was read! I am so thankful for my family(her twin, my little brother, is getting finer by the day ladies fyi 😌👌🏾❤️.)



Song: Juice
By: @yogottikom

Thanksgiving coming fast 😂

They call it the “round away girl look” or sometimes when I see folks out they will literally say “Hey Keke I see you in disguise” 😂🤷🏾‍♀️. Really, it’s just me, k e k e on the usual. I can guarantee you, if you are expecting material excess or extravagance from me you will most usually be disappointed. Of course there are LEVELS to it hahaha there are times and places, but I’m not sure what people expect of me “every” moment. Considering I’ve been on television most of my life I’ve learned it comes with a certain set of perceptions or expectations. But, I’m from Robbins Illinois and we hometown no matter the jewelry I’m rocking or not. So if you are expecting a humble heart and a sensational spirit, I’m your “round the way” girl 😜

Being a boss is about more than making tons of money or “telling people” what to do. For me, it’s about ownership over who you are and what you give. It’s about knowing where and how you are most valuable and completing that integral puzzle piece, CONSISTENTLY. It’s about knowing your role and not needing to micro-manage your support system but to evolve one another with your clarity on who you are and what you are trying to do. It’s about not being afraid to fail, getting back up when you fall and being scared sometimes .. just not letting it stop you. It’s not about looking down on anyone but the contrary of knowing how to feed yourself so you can best feed OTHERS. Happy Sunday from the big boss 💪🏾🙏🏾

Letsgoooo family @ericbellinger 👏🏾💪🏾

I compete with me ✍🏾 💙🧢

Big Boss 🔑🔑

NOW!! @staronfox 😍🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

“Don’t watch .. me, watch yo.. CHILE” They ain’t ready for that new KEKEEEEE THO @spinzhoodrich @aye_trill @burroughs_t. #TheBoss👂🏾🎶

I find it to be such a contradiction to expect someone to be a role model but deny them the human right of being a REAL person. What is more admirable than being truthful in a world full of LIES? How can you be good for the children if you do not tell them the truth? How can you allow for them to see themselves in your shoes when you try to present something “perfect” that only makes them feel inadequate? How do you teach them what coexisting is when you constantly reject what’s different? What’s wrong with relating to the youth and delivering them empowering messages in THEIR voice? That’s why so many messages slip through our fingers because it’s being told only ONE WAY. If I preach the word in a hip hop record is it not gospel because it is spoken with a different tongue? The heart is the heart always. I find it much more inclusive and considerate when you try to reach people where THEY are, instead of trying to force them to reach you where you are.

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