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You know what I find utterly ridiculous? The stigma on therapy, mental health and abuse. The reality is ALL people have the ability to go MAD no one is “normal” enough to defy this probability. No ones mental health is great all the time, those that speak about their episodes just prove they are AWARE not nuts! Trauma, is also something everyone has endured whether it be abuse or abandonment or whatever else and it HAS AND WILL affect you! So to turn around and call others crazy or sick or “off” because they admit the things above only PROVES your ass is more affected by YOUR bullshit than THEY are because you have NO compassion. You shut our their truth because you are too afraid to confront your own. You are like a zombie in a room full of other zombies that attack the one zombie that knows it is one. #makeitmakesense —love to all of those that live in their T R U T H.

Girls rule! We are always in control of what we decide to represent! Never let someone tell you different 🙌🏾

Mix Masters! @bloomingdales Loved doing this with you guys!! 😍🌹

My signature mix: sweet but street 👅! Excited to partner with @bloomingdales for their new Mix Masters campaign! 💕💕#sponsored

Yassssssss @taylaparx my best girl!!! I looooove your new song 😍😍😍 it’s got me in my best inspired mood!! Song: Me vs US
By: @taylaparx

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Dear beautiful girls everywhere, you are allowed to make your own choices, you are allowed to experience and explore and learn about your sexuality or not! You are free to become who you want to be, there are no mistakes only learning experiences. Please, don’t be ashamed of who you are or who you were!! I’m sorry for what you may feel sometimes, I feel it too but what I nor you can apologize for is being HUMAN! We are allowed to be liberated and that doesn’t make you a whore, that doesn’t make you a slut, that makes you F R E E. Free to make your own way not guided by societal standards. Your sexuality is not defined by anyone but you! Who YOU are is NOT YOUR SEXUAL HISTORY and don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise. You have a vagina you are NOT a vagina even to those that may be small enough to only see you as such. Their ignorance is not your burden to bare. You can decide and good character goes beyond your sex life, anyone that doesn’t respect that doesn’t deserve you. Don’t let others make you feel weak because you have made your own choices, you are smart, you are beautiful, you are not tricked or bamboozled, you have lived and you are learning! Don’t carry the weight of what a woman should be live freely as YOU! Discover that person everyday! I love you!!! I TRULY DO ❤️❤️❤️

😭😭 I can’t sleep and I have work so early 😩

Singing always make me feel so refreshed. Or if I’m scared at night I start singing hymns like my grandmother haha! Truly works. I’ve been entertaining all my life and I’m sure I’ll continue, but I also care about so many other things. I’m not very “political” in the typical sense of the word but I have very strong views about my generation and expressing our voice. What would y’all do if I ran for mayor somewhere, one day? Hahaha 👀

I’m 25 yrs old today 🎂!! When I was younger all I wanted for my birthday was a SURPRISE 🙄! I’ve always been the type of person that had so many expectations for the things I wanted out of life often causing me deep disappointment. As I get older I realize that even when I got the things I was expecting, I was never happy because I was still expecting more! Now that I’m 25 I know that life isn’t about trying to acquire the things that you think will make you happy but to instead try to just BE happy in the moments that you are. To accept the moments that you are not and to know that life won’t always be what you want, but what you need. God bless y’all!! 🌹

I’m 25 TODAY!!!

Happy Birthday to me ❣️ (dropping these sneak peak photos I did with my boo @gabriel_held_vintage and @lulahyers )

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